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I'm new to swagger so any direction would be appreciated, what would be the function to retrieve a list of all companies listed within our ESET MSP?

I can see once I have a companies ID I can use the /api/Search/Licenses function to return a list of the licenses and then the /api/License/Detail function to determine seats assigned.

I'm looking to automate the process of determining the number seats for each product a company is using for purposes of invoicing,



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  • ESET Staff
On 9/1/2020 at 2:00 PM, Marcos said:

Since API is a quite specific topic, I'd recommend opening a support ticket with your local ESET support.

Also I would recommend to move this topic to more relevant section, it is not related to ERA/ESMC

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We are using UsageReport/AllCompanies/products. It pulls back all of the companies, products, and how many seats they have. 

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