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    Note: This must be run in Win Safe boot mode.
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    BobLongworth gave kudos to itman in ESET firewall vs Windows 10 firewall   
    To begin, the Eset firewall and IDS are separate components within its Network Protection component. IDS is conditioned by network packet filtering rules and like intrusion detection rules that monitor for abuse of protocols commonly used by remote attackers. The Eset firewall component monitoring parallels that of the Win firewall in that app network use of protocols and ports are being monitored. It differs from the Win firewall in that it has full user interaction capability of outbound Internet traffic whereas the Win firewall only supports logging capability.
    In Eset default configuration, the Eset firewall will also defer to existing Win firewall inbound rules unless an Eset firewall rule exists that specifically blocks that network traffic. This greatly simplifies Win 10 Store apps use whose program names constantly change with each update of the app. 
    Also note that Windows desktop versions do not natively contain an IDS component. There is limited network monitoring capability but only if Window Defender is used as the AV solution.
    My recommendation for corporate networks is that a network perimeter firewall appliance also be deployed for maximum security.
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