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  1. Apologies if I've missed something obvious... I know there are sample files such as the one provide via EICAR, however in terms of testing triggers events/tasks/policies in the ERA it would be handy if there were a range of sample files which could be used to safely initiate triggers. What I'd like to be able to achieve is when a Filecoder detection is detected add the device to a dynamic group which triggers an isolate the device from the network event. However this is a little difficult to test without putting oneself at risk or waiting for someone to become infected. It would be nice for different sample files, or better yet to generate your own via the ERA for a specific event, so if there was a need to test a specific scenario then this could easily and quickly be done in a test environment.
  2. Thanks kapela86, had no idea this was possible, counter intuitive indeed.
  3. Description: ERA Agent update push Detail: It would be great if the ESET Agent itself could be updated via the ERA. Like it scheduled a job on the workstation to run the ESET Agent Live installer to install the latest Agent Description: ERA + Endpoint Encryption Server Detail: It would be great to have a single web gui to manage both the ERA and EES
  4. ESET uninstall tool works a treat in safe mode but isn't great if you have several workstations are more to go around. ESET did have a version capable of running "not in safe mode", not sure if that's still available with more recent versions of the uninstall tool Regarding the admin rights prompt you can almost disregard this, provided you are running as ad admin, often it throws the warning but just lets you right on through when you click to proceed to the next screen.
  5. Hello, I'm new to swagger so any direction would be appreciated, what would be the function to retrieve a list of all companies listed within our ESET MSP? I can see once I have a companies ID I can use the /api/Search/Licenses function to return a list of the licenses and then the /api/License/Detail function to determine seats assigned. I'm looking to automate the process of determining the number seats for each product a company is using for purposes of invoicing, Thanks, Bob
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