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setting backup user


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I'm using ESMC 7.2.1266.0 with web console @

In the status Overview, it says I need to set up a backup user.  IIRC, all I had to do in the past was create a new native user.  But even after creating two native users, I'm still seeing that orange warning.  I've looked in the main User screen and also in the individual user profiles; but, I can't see that option that sets that particular user as the backup user.

I've looked at the Administrator and noticed it was in the "Administrator Group"; but I've looked at the Users list and the Group list and I don't see the "Administrator Group".  I attempted to "Move' the backup user to the Administrator Group; but when I click on "Move", it shows only the list of Computer groups, which is making me confused.

Can someone clarify what I'm doing wrong?



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18 hours ago, Marcos said:

It appears to be a known bug if it's this notice:


Yup. That's the notice I'm getting.   Thanks for the info.


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