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EMA2 | Updating license unit quantity...


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13.07.20 09:23:55

Updating license unit quantity...

License unit quantity of ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced is being updated for XXXXX_Customer-A. This may take a while. We will let you know when it is ready.


this is the notification that I get after I login to msp.eset.com

I see that it's written that this may take a while, but 5+ hours?


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  • ESET Staff

Hello @mxp, we would like to identify the root cause of the problem. Can you please send me the license ID of the affected license via a private message? I will follow up with my colleagues. Indeed it should not take that long, so it´s either an one time issue, or a possible bug in the implementation. 

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...and I'm facing the same issue again. I updated the license unit quantity of a license yesterday before lunch and wanted to add another seat to it today. 

Updating license unit quantity for about 23 hours now.

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nothing so far, german support seems to be not receiving my support requests and as far as my licenses for our customers go, nothing has changed by now as well.

it's now updating the license unit quantity for over 7 days

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