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  1. If this happens to you again in the future, a re-installation of the Management Agent on your Appliance does the trick pretty reliably: https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/70/en-US/component_installation_agent_linux.html#:~:text=Installation of the ESET Management,Possible connection formats.
  2. Ah, now I understand your issue. As I mentioned in my post above. You could use the .MSI Installer and let a GPO handle the installing.
  3. https://help.eset.com/esmc_smb/70/en-US/deployment_tool.html Are we talking about the same deployment tool? ESET Remote Deployment Tool works only with all-in-one Installers created in ESMC. If you have a functioning ESMC in place, why don't you use the client-task designed to do exactly what you're trying to do. What you could do, if you do not want any ESET Management Agents installed with your security product, you could install ESET Endpoints via GPO. That would work, but I don't understand why you want to do this. If there's no management agent installed, you won't be able to include them in your ESMC.
  4. Is there a particular reason why you do not want to use the tools given by the ESMC? If I understand you correctly, you have >2500 Clients in your console, across multiple networks I guess? ESET Remote Deployment works by sitting on a server (or any other client which reaches all the devices) and deploying the installer and the associated commands over your network. So when you're working for multiple clients, you have to manually connect to their networks and use ESET Remote Deployment from one of their devices. Why have a Remote Management solution in place, and then not use it? It would be way easier to just use the client task "install software", which you can use from the comfort of your ESMC without having to manually connect to all of your clients networks. If you have a single network with over 2500 clients, I would still use the client-task in ESMC. Using the ESET Remote Deployment Tool for this one would kill your network with all the traffic caused by pushing the installer files to all the devices. You would have to do it in batches of a few devices at a time. tl;dr Use the client task in ESMC, it's easier, faster and more reliable
  5. nothing so far, german support seems to be not receiving my support requests and as far as my licenses for our customers go, nothing has changed by now as well. it's now updating the license unit quantity for over 7 days
  6. ...and I'm facing the same issue again. I updated the license unit quantity of a license yesterday before lunch and wanted to add another seat to it today. Updating license unit quantity for about 23 hours now.
  7. I can't confirm this. I installed the update yesterday on one of my computers for testing. Only thing configured in the used policy is RDP. Device control is deactivated and I still got the red alert stating a reboot is needed.
  8. You did not misstate, nobody knows what you are talking about or are referring to. What product are you referring to? What exactly is your problem/ question?
  9. Greetings, this is the notification that I get after I login to msp.eset.com I see that it's written that this may take a while, but 5+ hours?
  10. Greetings, i tried to update the Management Components via the ESMC and now the esmc won't connect to itself as it seems i can still access the web interface and the console of the appliance itself. but it looks like the Management Agent won't connect(?) to itself correctly? everything else works completely fine, it's just that ESMC itself that seems to have problem.
  11. @larzillo have you opened the ports needed to access the esmc? Port 2222 is needed for the Management Agents to communicate with the esmc Port 443 is needed to access the web-interface of the ESMC
  12. As you see, the URL that was tried is blocked by ESET's internal blacklist. Without researching the link, i'd say that it will have it's reasons to why it's blocked by ESET. If this is an URL your users need to get access to, you can manually set the policy to allow connections to that specific URL. The event gets logged as "unresolved" as you as the admin haven't checked the problem yet. Basically ESETs way of saying "Hey, we did something for you, maybe you wanna have a look on it real quick?" You should be fine, nothing to worry about here.
  13. Thanks for the answers, but still I can't understand why I get limited in the special characters that i use at all. Seems kind of counter-intuitive to me. Doesn't this make the password less secure as an attacker now knows which special charactere he doesn't even have to try?
  14. I know this sounds ridicolous, but it really stresses me out and annoys me: I just got an email notification that our Account has been successfully moved over from the EMA to the new EMA2 and I went on to change my password. Can anyone explain me, why I'm suddenly limited to dots, commas and exclamation marks? i just don't get my head around why I get limited in how I create my password for a security centric portal.
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