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  1. sounds very much like a malfunctioning hardware. have you tried using a different mouse already?
  2. greetings, i'm trying to set up a dynamic group which purpose it would be to trigger a scan, if the device hasn't been scanned in x days. is there a way to set this up? I've gone through all the possible dynamic group-templates, but i couldn't find a way to implement this. am i missing something?
  3. Try using an older version of your product. I just encountered the same error and after going through some log files, I came across one particular line that stated that the used version is not compatible with the operating system that's in use. Also was OS Win7 SP1
  4. The policy was set to replace both policies and clients' settings. Well but that was the only thing it did. Mails coming from domains being on the exception list got marked as spam. As I was already able to fix this problem by overwriting the exception list with another policy, I'd rather not play with those settings again and getting those messages would definitely cause user interference which is not desired. As I understand this as a bug, is there any place to report this?
  5. Update: I created a new policy, where I've put a non-existing mail address in the global exception list, set it on "Force" and applied it to the PC. After the policy got applied, i checked the configuration again and this time only the fake address is listed, effectively flushing the other addresses out of the exception list. Even though I could work around the issue, this behaviour isn't normal, or is it?
  6. Greetings fellow ESET enthusiasts, I'm currently confronted with a problem with the global exception list inside ESET Endpoint Security for a Client-PC. I wrongfully added a few mail addresses to the Global Exception List and logically so, all mails send from those addresses get marked as spam. I changed the policy accordingly and removed those addresses from the list. This worked for all PCs in the client's network except for one machine. From what information I get from the ESMC, the policy get's used, but if I have a look at the Configuration i can still see those addresses in the exception list. So it seems like the exception list does not get flushed correctly after applying changes to it. I already tried to "force" the corrected policy but this doesn't change anything. I'll have another look on it later, but it seems like I have to connect to the machine and empty the global exception list by hand. Has anyone else encountered such a problem before, or am I just missing something here?
  7. we had the same issues with a few clients aswell. simply uninstalling the obsolete Management Agent did the trick for us.
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