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  1. Well, what kind of installer did you create? If it's an installer for a Windows Server OS and you're trying to install on a Windows Client OS, you'll still be greeted with the error you came across.
  2. Thanks, i was able to sort out my problem with the provided link.
  3. in my case, the showed IP is ""
  4. Having the same issue here. Attached era-diagnostic-logs too era-diagnostic-logs_2019-10-14_15-29-24.zip
  5. Have you tried disconnecting the management agent for one of the clients and reintegrating it back into the ESMC? sounds like the management agent has some kind of issue.
  6. Thanks for your fast answers and your effort MichalJ. I understand that this isn't a priority for ESET, but it certainly disturbs the image of a cleanly functioning tool, if there's always an alert coming up, even if there's nothing wrong with anything. Greetings
  7. to 1. We're using EMA1 (ema.eset.com) and add licenses via Security Admin Accounts. to 2. We're a MSP and have one customer that manages itself, for which we only provide the platform in the form of your ESMC.
  8. This answer did only add confusion to this issue. Even if the ERA is a direct predecessor to ESMC, there's still no "Settings" button in ESMC as it was in ERA as it seems. We use the EMA as the portal to book and assign licenses to customers and the ESMC to handle the Clients on the customer's networks. We do not have a EBA account. So, by now, there's no way to disable this warning in ESMC, did I get this right? EDIT: just to stay clear on what I mean; I've already disabled the notification in ESMC but the color highlighting is still active and this is the part that I want to deactivate. None of our customers book 10% more licenses than they actually need (why should they?) and I'd like to have a clean interface as long as there is no actual problem. This all sounds kind of senseless to me and I do not want to believe that we have to live with something like this. The color highlighting makes it look as if there was something wrong and spending time just to check this warning and to see that there's nothing wrong at all, is a waste of time.
  9. Greetings, I've got a warning notification in ESMC that two of our licenses will soon be overused. I've already disabled the notification under 'Server settings' but i still have the yellow banner next to the button 'License management' which I'd like to have removed. I've found a few topics where the same issue occured but the solutions talked about were for the ERA and EBA and are not applicable for ESMC. Is there any way to get rid of this?
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