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  1. Greetings, i tried to update the Management Components via the ESMC and now the esmc won't connect to itself as it seems i can still access the web interface and the console of the appliance itself. but it looks like the Management Agent won't connect(?) to itself correctly? everything else works completely fine, it's just that ESMC itself that seems to have problem.
  2. @larzillo have you opened the ports needed to access the esmc? Port 2222 is needed for the Management Agents to communicate with the esmc Port 443 is needed to access the web-interface of the ESMC
  3. As you see, the URL that was tried is blocked by ESET's internal blacklist. Without researching the link, i'd say that it will have it's reasons to why it's blocked by ESET. If this is an URL your users need to get access to, you can manually set the policy to allow connections to that specific URL. The event gets logged as "unresolved" as you as the admin haven't checked the problem yet. Basically ESETs way of saying "Hey, we did something for you, maybe you wanna have a look on it real quick?" You should be fine, nothing to worry about here.
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