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I found a 2017 response to a question about ESET and ARM64 computers (I have a Surface Pro X).

Any plans for a ARM64 compatible version of ESET Smart Premium in 2020?

Cheers -------------/Ivan

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  • ESET Moderators


There was some initial examination to determine if Windows on ARM (WoA) would even run the types of software that ESET develops, but please keep in mind that Microsoft's previous ventures into ARM devices, Windows RT and Windows Phone, were closed ecosystems that did not provide developers with the types of tools or allow the types of interfaces needed to perform tasks such as real-time scanning, on-access scanning, firewalls, and so forth.  Additionally, neither of those operating systems were commercially successful and Microsoft ended up discontinuing them.

So, the best response I can give is that ESET has nothing to announce at the current time.


Aryeh Goretsky


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Currently only products for Android run on ARM processors. If there are products for Windows running on ARM-powered systems in the future, it will be announced in our forum.

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