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GPO policies

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Hi team, please your answer to the following question, we know that we can do the implementation of Agent and antivirus through a GPO.
Using the GPO, a policy can be established in which every time a new device enters my network, it is carried out
Automatically install Agent and antivirus ?.

Do you known how to do this procedure.

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Hi Juan

From GPO install only agent.

Endpoint you must install [auto task] from ESMC => Create dynamic group: Only Agent, Create task: Install App: ESET Endpoint from repo or local network share and run timetable: new comp in dynamic group

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I had major headaches doing the "GPO install Agent + AV" route.  YMMV, of course; but, IMO, if you're going to just use GPO, it would make life easier if you'd just setup a policy that installs the Agent, and then use the ESMC 'Software Install' client task to install the necessary AV. 

again.. ymmv.


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