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Your antivirus detects our software as malware


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Dear Sirs,

We are a company we are a company that develops software.

Since two months, your anti-virus detect our software like a malware and it's putting our business at risk because there are some ITs that not allow install the software.

We sent a lot of emails in order to fix that. You always ask us to send the file and you always tell us everything's right and you'll put it on the white list, but this never happens.

We have no choice but to write to you on this site so that you can give us a solution


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First of all, kindly please understand that this forum is not a place for disputing detections.

Unfortunately, you didn't provide information about the detection name or application so it's hard to tell if it's actually a false positive. Actual false positives are dealt with quickly when reported, hence I assume it's rather a PUA detection and in such case the detection should be correct. I've tried to look up email sent from your forum's registration email address to samples[at]eset.com to no avail.

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