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Request removal of site blocking

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Sometime ago, my site was blocked by nod32 antivirus software because of a virus and security problems and users could not login to my site. But how many days have I cleared my site from all security and virus issues and now it has no security or viral issues? I posted this message on my site to block my site and they told me that I should email samples@eset.com to send my request and I have sent a message but after a few weeks this Email has not given any answers to me, please check out and guide me further. Thanks

In the following, I will send you the image of your site blocking type.
My Site Address: www.padra-tec.ir



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As already mentioned by TomFace, this forum is not a means for reporting blocks. Please read instructions how to report it to ESET. In your case, you should contact ESET Adaox and legalize selling of ESET products.

Having said that, we'll draw this topic to a close.

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