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ESET Tasks for deployment

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Hi, when creating a new task for deployment of eset, is it necessary to create only one task for all computers?

I created two tasks to install ESET antivirus separately for laptops and surface users, will it consume extra licenses? because when I see the license window on dashboard the total number used is 263 and we have 250 licenses, how can that be managed since we have only about 200 users and not all of them have installed it yet


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  • Administrators

You can create even more install tasks that you will assign to different dynamic groups for instance. A license (seat) is consumed only after activation which will be performed on clients just once so it won't depend on the number of install tasks.

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  • ESET Staff

Most probably it will be caused by our duplication issue.

Some devices, frequently changing network adapter might get duplicated entries in our licensing.

Please login to EBA / ELA and check, whether you do not see multiplied entries. You can deactivate the ones that have not connected for a longer time period (shorten the interval).

If you use just one type of our product (one license) you can set a dynamic group for “product not activated” and it will automatically activate any device.

My recommendation would be to set it with two triggers - joined dynamic group and scheduled, for an hourly repetition (via CRON). 

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