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  1. ok, and how often the module updates are sent by eset?
  2. can we stop the scan every time the modules are updated?
  3. by update you mean the windows update or the eset update? does eset have an option where the scans are scheduled for users weekly?
  4. Hi How often does the ESET scans run on computer? Is there a way to check it from remote management centre? and if the scan starts on itself, what triggers that?
  5. So the why does if show up that more liceses are chewed up, it is not even installed for all the users yet
  6. Hi, when creating a new task for deployment of eset, is it necessary to create only one task for all computers? I created two tasks to install ESET antivirus separately for laptops and surface users, will it consume extra licenses? because when I see the license window on dashboard the total number used is 263 and we have 250 licenses, how can that be managed since we have only about 200 users and not all of them have installed it yet Thanks
  7. Hi, I upgraded the users to newer version of eset but they are getting firewall notification that "windows firewall and eset firwall are both turned off" where as eset firwall is ON when I checked the ESMC , also the eset version has two versions as follows, what is the difference between the anti-virus and security? I created the task for eset anti-virus to be run on the user computers.
  8. There are two updates in the installer for ESET Remote console, how to find out when eset pushes a new update and which one is it? Currently it is showing me two versions 7.1.2045.5 and 7.0.2091.0
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