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Some clients have same license twice, one expired

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We recently renewed out ESET subscription for 2 more years (Endpoint Security 7). We pushed out the new license via ESMC. Of our roughly 600 computers, we have about 30 who are having an issue. On the clients, they get warnings their license is expired.

Investigating further on the server, I see the same license ID listed twice, once with the old expiry date, once with the new one, see screenshot.


Other clients who don't have the expiry warning don't show the old license, just the current one.

How can I fix this? I tried just making a new task to assign the current license, but while it runs to completion, it doesn't affect the computers. I believe I somehow need to remove that old one.

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  • Administrators

Normally you don't need to send a product activation task to clients after renewing the license since the license key remains same and the renewal is seamless, without the need to do anything extra.

As to double security product licenses appearing in client details, honestly I haven't seen that but theoretically it could be caused by a bug in older versions (you have an old ERA Agent 6.1 and EES 6.2 on the client, the version of ERA Server is probably old too). An ESMC developer or product manager should chime in and advise.

I would strongly recommend upgrading ERA and ERA components (ie. especially agent on clients). I assume you will first need to upgrade to ERA 6.5 if you have ERA 6.1 since upgrade to ESMC is supported only from ERA 6.3 or newer as per https://support.eset.com/kb6819/.

In the ESMC console, licenses on a clients should look like as follows, depending on what products you have activated:


PS: It is not necessary to remove or hide your public license ID. It's called public because it's not confidential and can be disclosed; a public license ID cannot be used for activation or other than identification purposes by ESET staff.

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  • ESET Staff

@GreenEnvy22 Maybe a question - as the setup looks quite old, by any chance - wasn´t there a previous installation of older Endpoint version, meaning version 5 in particular? That might explain by why you see the license twice (first entry might be an artifact from the older version, where a internal logic used "G1 Connector" was used for that. 

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