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37 minutes ago, fidelius2 said:

Rami is spamming my posts. Please ban this guy. Rami is going to my black list.

That's weird, All I've asked you is how did you configure AppArmor to work with ESET v4 , by the way your v4 is being denied from working properly by AppArmor , because I have the same problem and same operating system , not trying really to spam you , I don't really care about your posts..  or about you.:lol:

It's a forum you know for discussions , it's normal to get a reply from another user , otherwise ask your question in private message , and you are asking the staff to ban me because I did reply to your topic? :huh:

That sounds weird.

All I have done is I am trying to figure out what people do with their Ubuntu and AppArmor with ESET because they are not compatible with eachother and ESET is being denied to access most of the locations so the AV is a failure for Linux , because it cannot gain access to access any kind of a folder/file that is being protected by AppArmor

So If a malware decides to hide itself under AppArmor , so it will never be scanned touched by ESET

You are acting like a kid.

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@Rami please make sure that your replies are to the point, otherwise it may annoy those who seek accurate response and help. Looking at previous @fidelius2posts, you asked him about AppArmor even after he confirmed that the issue was caused by his ISP for instance.

Having said that, we'll draw this topic to a close.

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