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  1. Yes and it might hurt the image of the AV company even though he doesn't explain exactly how his test is done , and what has been disabled and what not, it's right what you say my friend.
  2. Yes indeed but he gives the AVs a different test from different perspective even though he disabled some layers to get them inside the computer and then ran them while realtime is running , he somehow in someway , tests how much powerful is the real-time protection. not overall the security solution
  3. Yes I understand but sometimes you have cases where the files that you do are private to the company that you work with and it's hard to upload them for analyzing , but I understand it's bad for the AI system , same to what happened to Kaspersky and the American gov went crazy about it and blamed them for stealing data , while their AV saw that some files are suspicious and sent it to their AI. I know it's so important to get files sent by users , because that will make the system stronger and more accurate and faster.
  4. It's the same thing of disabling the multi-layer protection that the AV is having , but still Windows Defender doesn't do good without it's cloud , although one of the videos Windows Defender missed lot of threats , including one from Windows XP days that would give you the same error message over and over.
  5. As far as I remember , Kaspersky has done the best among all. But honestly for me I don't really care , I am happy with ESET , and if bad things will happen , it will happen even if Zeus himself is protecting my computer. The best security practice is to disconnect the PC from network
  6. Yes because Antivirus companies will tell you that you have disabled some features that could have blocked the threats before they start to run in the system , as web protection for example , so some layers have been disabled in order to run the test, But the crazy thing about this test or this guy , that he unleash lot of threats at the same time at the AV , it's sometimes funny to watch other products how they cripple with something like this, including Windows Defender and somekind of other security products that claim that it will protect your system , there are many more videos like this who do the testing. It's not funny that the antivirus fails , but it is funny that the advertising campaign that will be ran by the AV company will claim that it will protect your infrastructure , till you get hit by something Honestly for me , since NOD32 v2 , I never had to change any antivirus product , even though sometimes I wanted to give others a try , but I just can't go away , it's so light and efficient , it doesn't matter if the product doesn't protect 100% , because nothing is safe 100% , But it's so bad when a product claims to protect you like Windows Defender , and let your PC get encrypted by a malware , or somekind of very old virus not to be detected (Not windows defender but can't remember which company and which video) and corrupt your system. It's always better to have multi-layer protection.
  7. Ok I will tag @Marcos and @MartinK , one of them should be able to help you.
  8. They probably should come with a reply , sometimes they answer a little bit late , but an answer will come for sure , if you need an urgent answer , you can contact your local ESET support , they can assist you.
  9. I believe you can make a default policy from the ESMC and apply it to all computers , but I don't know if that fixes your password problem , I believe I will leave that to someone from ESET Staff Team that works with Endpoints.
  10. You should secure your TeamViewer/AnyDesk or whatever your remote desktop software is Put a good password and limit access only to your PCs. Because they have got access to several accounts of yours , you should change all passwords now , and secure them with 2-step verification for more secure entry to your accounts.
  11. It's not possible to remove the password through a policy change and then apply password for 7 ?
  12. I have never tried to do so , I don't know if this is supported to be installed through CLI , as far as I know v4 is managed also from the GUI.
  13. I was going to post the same , you should also portforward from your router to your PC from your router settings so you would only open this port only for your PC/server that hosts the game , and then you will need to open the same port for the application in ESET in your Windows and then probably should work fine.
  14. I understand , thank you.
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