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  1. Rami


    Changelog is available here : https://forum.eset.com/topic/17533-eset-endpoint-security-and-eset-endpoint-antivirus-versions-702091-662089-and-6521322-have-been-released/
  2. You don't have the option to remove the duplicate PCs and keep only one? , If not and you still have the problem , I think it's better to contact ESET US Support and tell them about the problem and I am sure they will be able to help you.
  3. Hello Serial , I understand your worries , I have the same because I don't want to lose that machine because of a malware or something like this and in the same time I still don't know what to do if it's safe to stay with ESET v4 or I should move to something else If it's possible for the devs or anyone from ESET team to tell us that it's secure to stay with v4 or atleast update us about any updates that might be coming towards the linux version , the other options are free AVs and supporting Linux , and ESET is paid AV and still not supporting the Linux. It worries me to think that the AV that is running to protect me is not really protecting me because it's not compatible with the system protection. @Marcos , @Peter Randziak - A reply would be much appreciated , so If we aren't protected , it would be sad to be infected while running v4 , if it's not safe please advice and tell us to stop using it or keep using it it's okay.
  4. It's not recommended to disable SELinux / AppArmor because the Security of the system relies on them, what makes me afraid that ESET is not working properly and I might be infected in one way or the another I see that you have opened a bug report in Ubuntu Launchpad , but I am afraid they won't do much help because it's not their problem , it's ESET's problem I don't know if I should move on to Sophos as they do support Linux or I should stay with ESET because the license is still there , but I don't know if it's doing it's job properly The AV engines do get updated , but v4 is about 8-9 years old now, and mostly if I am not mistaken , it doesn't do its job properly because it cannot reach many areas.
  5. ESET won't let you down , go for Internet Security if you want added security options
  6. I prefer to rely on ESET because MalwareBytes was made as anti-malware and then grew up to antivirus , so I prefer to stay with ESET as antivirus running as real-time and malwarebytes as on-schedule scanner but for me I don't use malwarebytes.
  7. I used to run the v2 of Malwarebytes alongside ESET and there wasn't any conflicts , but maybe it's different in v3 , it might cause conflicts having both software running real-time scanning.
  8. Indeed as I don't want to start messing with another AV and start to get used to everything in it etc , so I prefer to stay with ESET and wait for fixes.
  9. It seems that ESET Linux home edition isn't being used by that much users so it's not top priority like Windows , but I would love to see the linux version getting updated even though that ESET engines do get updated but still problem persist in it , and it's missing lot of features that v12 does have. But still I will be keeping v4 for my Linux.
  10. @Serial.com, Most of these problems are caused by AppArmor , ESET v4 is not compatible with AppArmor/SELinux I've tried to test things here and there , ESET still does do it's job while AppArmor is enabled (I didn't try with AppArmor disabled) , but it encounters lot of errors , and while scanning AppArmor will prevent ESET from accessing most files as far as I have noticed. I don't know if there is a workaround for AppArmor to allow ESET , but I don't want to disable it and I don't want to remove ESET.
  11. As far as I know that Amazon doesn't sell ESET directly , It's the shops that do sell through Amazon , in that case he need to contact the shop that he bought the key from using Amazon , that's why he said Amazon will not be able to help him because simple they don't have the license key. So it's ESET Support who will help or the store that you bought the license from , which in our case , ESET Support did help him.
  12. What is the bank that you are trying to login to? Using different browsers like Firefox/Chrome does make a different result?
  13. Are we talking about Protected Banking or Web Protection?
  14. Rami

    JS/CoinMiner.BF trojan

    The client most likely is not infected , as Marcos said , it's your router that is trying to redirect you to the CoinMiner