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  1. In settings your teamviewer is set to only accept connections from you?
  2. Just general questions for your RDP compromise , You didn't firewall your RDP to specific IP Addresses ? , So the attackers did brute-force your RDP , shutdown your Firewall and then your AV services , and then infect your system and then the NAS? Did you use weak password? You can ignore all of these questions if you don't want to reply
  3. Here you can find what you can do with ESET Firewall https://help.eset.com/eis/11/en-US/idh_config_epfw_basic_group.html
  4. The Brute Force means that someone is trying to bruteforce your SMB folders , make sure you don't use SMB v1 ,as per ITmans' link Fortinet says that it will be logged once there is 500 failed attempts. TCP Split Hand shakes it happens sometimes as false positive but you could double check it And about the malicious you should double check the code, even if ESET finds nothing or atleast try to know in which file it's originating.
  5. Why you don't want to use their software to make it easier to connect to them? If you insist on connecting to the VPN using OpenVPN in Windows without the provider's software , I guess the best bet is to read their own documentation about how to connect properly to your VPN Service.
  6. Can you clarify a little bit more about what you are trying to do ? You've purchased a VPN subscription from some VPN provider and you are trying to connect to their VPN? Most VPN Providers do provide their own software for that
  7. Do you have any suspicious APK/app installed in your phone? It seems that , that Android Clicker has integrated itself into the WIFI Quoted from Fortinet : Try to run a full deep scan in ESET Mobile without having the WIFI connected(Turn it off completely) and see if it makes any difference.
  8. I wouldn't like an AntiVirus software offering me to use Toolbars or some other unwanted things, or even offer me to install a specific Browser.. , If It was the Free Edition , then I would have understood that they might do that because it is the Free Edition , but when you are a paid customer , then I don't know why they do that.
  9. Thank you , I will take a look at that.
  10. Incase the server fails to start or something happens to it , the possibility of having a failover server for it , how could do it? And for backups , like certificates and users and etc , is it possible to back them up? (Certificates yes I see the option) but is there an option for a full backup?
  11. Hello, Is it possible to replicate the ESMC server from one server to the another one so they could work along for load balancing and failover? If yes , how so? Thank you.
  12. If it's a folder you should be able to remove it regulary as you remove any file on Windows And a drive you can remove the partition and then create another partition. If not then I still don't get what you mean.
  13. Contacting the Support Team is different than posting in the Forum in terms of assistance And if you are not a business customer , I doubt that you will have instant answers , as even if you move products you will need to wait about 24 hours for the support to contact you back , that is the different thing on the forum , you might get assistance from others I want to help but I can't understand what trouble really are you having.
  14. You are welcome , post back if you need any assistance.
  15. These websites tend to have lot of advertising , while their ads might contain some kind of JS loads , even if the website is safe , it might be malicious ads' servers , or might be the website is hijacked. Keep your uMatrix , it's good
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