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  1. And now they took a hit to their head with a possible infection of 1 million of their own devices , so what benefit did they get with their actions I don't really know.
  2. Indeed what makes it more weird that Kaspersky states that they have told ASUS about the security hole months ago and ASUS just didn't re-act to it till now, I wonder what stopped them from doing so or fixing the problem before.
  3. It's similar to what happened to CCleaner in the recent months
  4. https://www.techradar.com/news/asus-responds-to-hacking-attack
  5. No I am not repeating what have been said before in earlier posts , I thought you had a trouble understanding the CAPTCHA and how actually it works , so I tried to describe it to you with my words , all I tried to do is help , it seems that I was no help , it's fine , don't go mad over it
  6. Then your problem is with the website after you have been verified as human and taken to the next page and then you get that address is blocked or somekind of detection , then the malicious content is within the page you are visiting , CAPTCHA has nothing to do with it. with or without it you are going to get the same thing.
  7. CAPTCHA's job is to make sure they separate Human visitor from a Bot visitor , it doesn't protect you against malicious contents.
  8. Depending on your router model and version you could just update to a more recent firmware if available , if not and you still believe that your router is infected you could reset it back to default settings and see if it makes any difference ( it might not make) If your ESET is up to date , you can make a full system scan to determine whether there is malware lurking in your machine or not , it doesn't matter how much time you have left on your expiry date , it matters what is the definition date , as for the expiry date matter you could fix that with ESET support by contacting them through the support section in the ESET GUI(Graphical User Interface) You could check your ESET logs from the logs section in the Detected Threats and Scans and Filtered Websites , each shows you different things For now , run a full system scan and see what results you get.
  9. Good thing that I do understand Hebrew hehe, but as far as I see that these are blocked sites by ESET Does this happen everytime you enter a website doesnt matter what website is it? Did you scan your PC for viruses? , double check your Google Chrome for any mis-configuration or bad extensions as it could be hijacked Make sure also your router isn't infected and re-directing you to malicious places. About expiry I doubt that these blocks have anything to do with the expiry date , it looks like something is buggy with the license server and your license , contacting ESET support or waiting for a reply from the staff here about this so they could check your license and see what kind of trouble it is having , never happened to me before.
  10. What kind of virus ESET has detected on your machine from the log files? And was it on your computer or on some website that you have visited? And if you fully scan your PC , does ESET detect something and isn't able to remove it? , what about the expiry date? was it set to expire on 2022 and then it's set on another date?
  11. I've reported that before , and what I used to do is , keep opening and closing the same app , one time you will not be blocked by the App Lock , it will just let you in , but indeed you will be able to see the contents for 1-2 seconds. It might got have fixed , I stopped using App Lock, so I can't try it again.
  12. eset.invisionmanaged.net - DNS Request does get blocked as Newly Observed Domain
  13. I won't provide any logs no worries , I will not send anything to anyone in Private Messages , I will just post here the link that got blocked by Forti's filters once it happens. Thank you
  14. Once it happens again I will report what has been blocked exactly , but in the recent few months it happened few times , I don't know if any of ESET's domains gets blocked or Invision domains , but I will do once that happens for sure.
  15. Hello From time to time , Fortinet do block ESET forum as a Newly Registered Domain or Newly Observed Domain Or another message I get that is this address has been blocked by DNS filter (Forti's Filter) without any Category filtering or what did that occur(different block message other than the first one) , and then after about some hours it just goes away It happens from time to time , not daily , what is getting blocked not the forum.eset.com , but those behind it or the nameservers I just don't know , I don't have precisely what gets blocked but it seems that one of the domains that is being used by invision behind the scenes , once I get the block message again I will provide with logs. I know that is Fortinet's problem but I thought I report it to you guys. Thank you.
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