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  1. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/f5b90794e6dc9b0ed4ddb51e00788bb9ad11fc769ecf9cbb06438325da9219c7/detection It might be indeed that you have removed the malicious code but still these 2 engines haven't changed their detection, or might be still in your code something. But in VirusTotal , ESET is not detecting anything in the website.
  2. And after it finishes and detect something , it never prompts for action and in the log it's saying that the prompt for action will come after the scan , but none come.
  3. I've noticed it happens on every device that I install ESET on and activate trial license , it might be that it takes time for LG servers to notice the new username and password.
  4. Check here : https://www.eset.com/us/home/multi-device-security/
  5. That is weird , I believe it's a bug , I think you need to collect logs as Marcos stated and upload them here so an ESET Staff can take a look at them.
  6. I can't read Deutsch but it seems that in the first screenshot it's showing that everything is active and running and in the second one it's showing you that it's not running and inactive?
  7. Do you mean that it takes a little bit of time for Windows to detect that ESET is running?
  8. Sad but true , ESET Linux Desktop conflicts with AppAmor , so most of it's job is being denied by AppArmor , it's considered a Legacy product , sadly But we stick to it
  9. There should be in the source page a <_script src> redirection to somekind of a script hosted somewhere else like in Azure,Amazon or whatever, try to look for them.
  10. That's interesting read , I don't use that kind of software , but it wasn't my phone , I was shown the phone and was asked what to do ? , I had to remove it , I tried to download on my phone , no detection but now I understand why it happened one time and the second didn't Thanks ITMAN
  11. But the app has million of downloads and is listed as Editor's Choice , you can see in the link of the first post , it's weird.. One phone it was detected as trojan by ESET Second phone no detection by ESET
  12. Usually it helps to disable the "Administrator" account and make another one with another name other than Administrator .. maybe something like spiderman
  13. I've installed it on a different device , but it didn't detect anything , it's weird.
  14. You could say that it's normal behaviour yes , because Chrome do gather lot of data about your browsing etc... So as a user concerned for his/her privacy while browsing , yes they might choose to stop using Chrome for that. Here is an quite old post for what Chrome does send to Google from your personal data : https://lifehacker.com/what-data-of-mine-does-chrome-send-to-google-5763452
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