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  1. If you are interested you can also try https://app.any.run/ and https://www.hybrid-analysis.com/ for more tests For analysis and confirmed reply you have to wait for ESET Staff.
  2. Are you referring to this software? : https://www.callassoftware.com/en/products/pdfapilot Did you try to upload the exe to virustotal to check the results? ESET has detected it as a trojan , it could be a false positive and it could be some malicious codes are hidden inside while the developers didn't notice ,could be few reasons.
  3. Yes for this I know , you've said it in recent posts , I'm talking about major upgrades.
  4. I believe after endpoint v7 for linux is done , development will start for the home edition if not already, as most likely they are the same products but for endpoints more features somehow. I agree with you , sadly indeed it's almost abandoned , I believe it's due to the linux home edition share market , linux edition v4 is lacking behind much steps from the other systems products.
  5. It's about the feature in ESET that shows you connected devices and can scan for vulnerabilities , what he wants I believe is disabling this feature. If he puts I believe that this network is Public both in Windows and ESET , I believe ESET should stop scanning the 'home' network.
  6. Return it to the seller and get your money back and buy a license through the online store, it's much better faster and might be also safer than getting a box from unknown source.
  7. Then a Live Linux CD/USB like Ubuntu , will be able to get you to Windows files without a password.
  8. Your data is saved on cloud if you have enabled the option to upload them to the cloud(Google Backup) If you had any virus and you did a hard reset which will remove the phone and reset it to factory defaults , my imagination would be that no virus will stay because you have removed everything but some of them might be smart enough to survive a reset , but that depends what is the threat and how it works. Test DPC is something for developers for Android , why are you using it for this kind of tasks? And beware of what you run on Android because some of this might be malicious
  9. I have found this fix for you but it would disable Siri , and this data is your voice getting to Siri 1. System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Siri 2. Click “Open Siri Preferences...” 3. Check the box for “Enable Ask Siri” 4. Move the radio button for “Voice Feedback” to “Off” 5. Uncheck “Enable Ask Siri” After that there shouldn't be much traffic to corespeechd
  10. It can probably be infected or not , like one redirect was infected the other wasn't if you didn't get a detection triggered the second time , the file itself isn't infected , what is infected the page that sends you to another malicious JS script Running an expired AV is dangerous , if you are not going to renew ESET or buy a license , you better be running Windows Defender because having an out-of-date AV is bad.
  11. It's flagged as possibly unwanted application if you have this option enabled , just remove the client if it's still in your PC and replace it with Deluge and/or qBitTorrent , they are both safe and open source.
  12. It was a general question , I'd rather not scratch my head with this , I will stay with my linux I don't want to touch Microsoft other than for gaming
  13. If you go to Setup and then Network and then Troubleshooting Wizard , do you see the app that is blocked over there? What kind of application are you trying to allow or what is the software that is blocked ?
  14. Hover the mouse over the user's name and then wait for a little window to appear and then click Message.
  15. To send a file/website for check or false positive removal you need to use the link here : https://forum.eset.com/forum/89-submit-a-virus-website-or-potential-false-positive-sample-to-the-eset-lab/ As it's not allowed to in the forum, but if ESET is detecting ScrInject from your website then somewhere in your code where the detection has been triggered there is a redirect to another JS , you should remove it
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