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  1. The telnet that ESET is talking about is not among Windows features , you need to login in into your router and check the Telnet settings or disable it if you are not using it. If you are using your modem in Bridge Mode then the firewall does get turned off because it's in Bridged Mode , so there should be a router connected to the modem which is in Bridge Mode , the router should be with a firewall , so your devices won't be without a firewall. Connecting direct to the internet without any firewall is kind of risky.
  2. Ok I understand , thank you both Marcos and ITman
  3. But isn't that detection the ScriptInject is coming from a hijacked router/website/browser ?
  4. Switch to Linux if you can , you won't regret it But even in Windows 10 , you can disable all of the Cortana features and also the location and so on.
  5. uBlock Origin should be better and run more light , better than the Adblock versions when you add uMatrix , a lot of things will stop working in websites or websites will start looking broken , like even in this forum , if you use it , all of the things that do use Javascript will be stopped unless you allow them. It helps because if you visit a dodgy website it won't be able to throw all of the malicious JS at you.
  6. But even though that it's on limited support , I do believe it's a bit risky to use Windows XP for any kind of usage.
  7. I don't know what you have bought , but looks like for me a cd-key , depending for which product it is for , you should download the product from ESET website and then activate the cd-key that you have bought.
  8. Try to add uBlock Origin to your browser and most of these should be blocked from the adblocker(uBlock) because it would prevent them from loading in the first place If you are really paranoid about Javascript in websites and want to prevent them from loading unless you instruct your browser to load them then add also uMatrix.
  9. I've stopped using it since the accident that happened to them when they moved to Avast.
  10. It blocked the install because CCleaner installer was doing some 'suspicious' activity to the Registry
  11. I could see by testing installing of CCleaner , that HIPS does prompt for action to allow or block.
  12. https://www.eset.com/us/about/contact/
  13. I am assuming that you do use Android , have you tried to format the device using the recovery mode?
  14. You are welcome , Glad you solved it.
  15. Can you update using Google Play?
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