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  1. Also the scan is slow on the SSD with the default features enabled ?
  2. You are welcome , I do use Deluge also , it's far better than uTorrent and doesn't have all of the adware that uTorrent tries to add.
  3. Switch to Deluge/Qbittorrent , they don't include ads or toolbars, both are open-source.
  4. Have you tried to do so from your Android Phone in Google Play?
  5. Better also to stay away from suspicious files especially Attachments that you don't expect them to come.
  6. Yes people will trust it and will whitelist it also I believe it's better to take lightshot only from their official website.
  7. The icon used to get buggy and stay for me and hidden for everybody on Windows Server 2012 , now it doesn't sadly , I believe it got fixed , or what broke it is no more there For the notification I will check with my local support , I thought there is something I don't know or missing. Thank you.
  8. I believe that it's some kind of files still stuck in the Installer , I don't see the installer trying to install anything or even prompt you for that and after the installation is finished , you will scan your computer and then you will find nothing from lightshot. and ESET doesn't find any problem with the lightshot application itself.
  9. It works I can open the GUI but before it used to open a GUI icon and never disappear when I close , so it used to stay when I open as Administrator , now when I close it closes ( it works fine ) I want it to stay just for me the other question is it possible for multiple admins to receive the notification?
  10. Lightshot installer has somekind of a toolbar that I never encountered , so you get a false positive only on the installer not on the application itself.
  11. Hello , I switch the GUI to Terminal for the RDS Server , So no normal users would have the GUI , but for Administrators , there used to be a bug , a good bug but it stopped for now , that when I am in the Administrator user and I do open ESET as Administrator , it adds the GUI on the taskbar , now it doesn't , GUI Icon in taskbar is hidden if the software is set in Terminal mode Is there an option to restore the icon in the Terminal Mode only for Administrator (after running the app as administrator to open the GUI while in terminal mode)? Threat notifications where you put the name of the username , could it be multiple usernames to take the notification , should I separate the names with something? Thanks.
  12. Now it doesn't appear after a restart but still Windows Security shows that real time is turned off and recommends that it should be on , it doesn't show anywhere that ESET is running.
  13. Every restart for the server , Windows Defender detects that ESET has turned Windows Defender off and detects the changes as viruses and asks for reversing them. Win32\I don't remember what , server is secure and clear for sure , it's clean installation , scanned by ESET also. Windows Server 2019 1809
  14. This topic probably would get locked if I am not mistaken , here it is explained how to send a sample for check or for false positive :
  15. Try to change your DNS servers , can you reach?
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