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Question regarding behaviar since 20.12.2018

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sorry for this trash post - I noticed some customers Windows Servers without "realtime virus events" = virus detected since 20.12.2018

Based on ESET Eventlog Signature Download works fine.

They have File Security Version 4+5 (and also Windows 2003 Server...)

It is okay to delete this post, because I understand I don´t have much "input"...

A Smart Scan didn´t found also Virus...

Best Regards

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It is not clear what the problem is. If no threat has been detected by real-time protection since that date, there would be obviously no records in the Detected threats log.

The users should upgrade to EFSW 6.5 on Windows Server 2003 and to v7 on newer Windows server OS's. V4.5 is very old and its real-time protection was not tailored to modern Windows OS's and doesn't support new modules and techniques for threat detection and protection.

You can use the eicar test file to check if real-time protection works (you may need to temporarily pause web access protection while downloading eicar).

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