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about the Connected Home Monitor...

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Got a question about the Connected Home Monitor. 
Tools --> Connected Home Monitor --> Switch to List view --> dropdown menu
Why do home adding greyed out home (2) etc.?
Just cosmetics I guess but can they be removed or is there some setting to stop them from adding up?

ESET Inter Security
Windows 7 x64 

Kind regards

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Hello elle,

I am going to take a crack at this, I could be wrong but something to look at.

I suspect the "copies" you see are networks that were previous connections having the same name but some other criteria such as a different IP address, maybe a different router you have installed ect. Please look in the following area in the GUI - setup>advanced setup>Network protection>Known networks>edit after hitting edit see if you see the same Home and then Home 2,3,4 in that list.

You only need the one you are using, you can delete any unused networks here, I am guessing that may clean up your list.

Note that if the computer is a lap-top that goes to different networks and you are naming them all "Home" you would get the 2-3-4 suffix to diferentiate them. 

Hope this helps -- ebill

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Thanks ebill!
That was spot on! 
I have no clue though what creates the unused "Home". 
Computer is a desktop and IP is static.
This solution you gave me is good enough for me. 

Kind regards

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Thank you for letting us know the info was helpful.

 I recently changed my home router setup and did a lot of "swapping" routers that's how I knew to make a lucky guess. I just speculated it would show also in your home monitor list, I had not used the "list" feature so we both learned something.

Thank you and enjoy

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