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You can add your license key in the license manager at my.eset.com and deactivate the device that it not yours.

Of course, a license key won't enable anybody else to gain access to your files. The person would only be able to activate his or her instance of your ESET product.

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On 12/21/2018 at 11:16 PM, zana rahiminezhad said:

I cant add my license key in the license manager, say This license is used on too many devices.
Contact, please help me

Hi, I have found certain cases in Malaysia, and it might be the same for you in your case. You have purchase illegal license from unauthorized reseller. And usually this pirate reseller has abuse the way license being activated by selling it to so many people at the same time. I didnt know how they manipulate this, but on the recent years i have seen decreasing in this kind of cases maybe to ESET new license manager.

My advice is that you only purchase the license from an authorised reseller and to ensured that your license is safe, registered it at my.eset.com license manager to ensured that its only yours. As eset license manager only allowed the first email registered with the license to be used with the account. So hope this answer many others who ended up with such problem. You will need to repurchase new license key from authroised reseller. To knew who, you may asked directly to your country distributor.

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