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  1. khairulaizat92

    Product not activated

    Im just curios, what OS are used on the client pc? if windows, there might be possibilities (Im not an expert, so im just guessing based on my past experience) that the Proxy settings on the windows are somehow maybe changed, either caused by unknown factor such as, maybe malware or something. You can try look at control panel > Internet Option > Connection > LAN Settings. By default, it should look like the attach pict i provided in this post. If not the same then you should untick the "Proxy Server" as in the picture.
  2. khairulaizat92

    anti theft

    Usually it takes more than a few times entering wrong password before it starting to take pictures, and are you sure you set it up correctly? Some system like huawei miui and honor miui required you to reprovide some permission after the application update. Run some test on your device via your anti-theft webportal. It might help to see if it working correctly
  3. khairulaizat92

    My.eset.com Down?

    Update: its seems to be my Google chrome only. Maybe cookies or cache problem.
  4. khairulaizat92

    My.eset.com Down?

    Dear All, is there any announcement for this? or is it just my computer?
  5. khairulaizat92

    Grancrab 5.04

    Well update for both of you, the link indeed alive, and shockingly, the link automatically update new variant or type of trojan for grancrab 5.0.4 everyday. And i have been collecting sample everyday put it to the test and submit to the vendor that missed it. And the latest 4 Nov 2018 GMT+8 theres new update that eset missed, already submitted it though to samples@eset.com and yeah, im crazy enough to click it everyday, hahah. well obviously in safe environment, on unused pc with vpn enable.
  6. khairulaizat92

    Grancrab 5.04

    Well maybe ESET researcher just that good ?
  7. khairulaizat92

    Grancrab 5.04

    I see thanks for the verification. The malware start to be infecting customer from bitdefender producst 1 day earlier, but the sample arrive at our cegah ransomware malaysia fb group around the time i uploaded it to VT. Anyway is the website behavior seems suspicious to you? as before i submitted the sample and forum post to available vendors, it seems to display as per below. But after around 15-30 minutes after its discovery, it change as 2nd screenshot After Change: It remove the link like it was detecting the site. Though i still posses the original download link however. Its from .org domain name
  8. khairulaizat92

    Grancrab 5.04

    Thanks for the verification
  9. khairulaizat92

    Grancrab 5.04

    Dear All, WARNING LIVE SAMPLE. IF ADMIN FIND THAT THIS IS RISKING TO THE OTHER FORUMERS, FEEL FREE TO DELETE THIS AFTER READING AND COPYING AND ADD THE DETECTION TO ESET SOLUTION. The below link contain the trojan that dropped Grancrab 5.04 as per below; Source Link: hxxp://europesebeweging.nl/crack-systools-pst-merge-3-3/ Trojan: hxxp://www.mediafire.com/file/tlss8cy1hd1r2mo/Sample-2-Nov.zip/file Password: infected Online Scanner: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/d4f770cd8d86972948709b43ef4a56f3d7ddf5ddaf15c6133b0c42ec5f3c3d21/detection Analysis: https://www.hybrid-analysis.com/sample/d4f770cd8d86972948709b43ef4a56f3d7ddf5ddaf15c6133b0c42ec5f3c3d21
  10. Microsoft has implement p2p function on their windows update, im just wondering if ESET able to do the same? The idea are so that when ESET user are using the same network for online, the update can be distributed much more faster and better among them. Honestly, Im thinking about this because, in my shop we are doing services for the pc and laptop and also some cyber cafe activities, and all of our pc are using eset. so when customer want to reset their pc, we will install eset trial on their pc while offering them a full license products, but the 1st time update sometimes take longer time eventhough my internet speed are 20Mbps. Well of course i understand that the 1st time update are large and slow, it just that theres might be a way to make it download faster or something like that
  11. Don't know where you heard that but that's obviously not true. HIPS coupled with Advanced memory scanner and Exploit blocker monitors the behavior of running processes. Also Live Grid substantially increases response to new threats. This is something that cannot be seen at Virus Total. Let's take the recent Filecoder.DA (aka CTB Locker) outbreaks. While it's been silence in ESET forums about infections, the forum of another technically advanced product was full of complaints of users who got their systems infected and files irreversibly encrypted. Instead of rumors, please give us some facts that can be verified (e.g. hashes of malware that wasn't properly detected). Well again, i read from their comment, and posted it back here for you, and for the undetected Malware, those Malware Hunter already sent a lot of undetected Malware, but yet again, They still thanks and ESET for the lightness on the system usage, the small footprint on their PC, and the high detection of the Malware, but as everything have pro and cons, so dont get me wrong, its not like i tried to tell ESET is bad or something, its the best thing ever exist, it just a feedback that i get from these forum. Im also ESET user, but im not as Expert as this guys. But it might good to put their feedback into consideration on future release.
  12. Just back from around 3 different forum, which consist of Malware Expert, and Malware Hunter forum, Some of their concern about ESET is eset still lack of malware behavior detection. Maybe this still can be improved. In details They said ESET is the best as their respond to new malware are fast but still lack of behavior detection of the malware. Why is this important? As there's been a rumors around telling that hacker do the experiment on their created Malware on Virus total, and they will continue improving to avoid from being detected by current AV. But they (Malware Hunter) also understand that doing this, is a hard work. But still it worth it to make an improvement on that behavior detection. (If this not related to this topic, please inform me and suggest which topic are suitable for this kind of suggestion )