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  1. The United States Department of Energy (DOE) on Monday announced that it’s prepared to award up to $25 million for the research and development of technologies designed to protect the country’s energy infrastructure against cyber threats. The funding opportunity announcement (FOA) comes from the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability’s Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems (CEDS) program and it seeks applications for researching, developing and demonstrating novel approaches to improving cyber resilient energy delivery systems. Specifically, the offer is for projects focusing on designing a cyber-resilient architecture for the electric and oil and natural gas (ONG) subsectors, security for the ONG environment, secure communications, secure cloud-based technologies in operational technology (OT) networks, and enhancing security in the energy sector. Applicants must not only conduct research and develop the products, but also demonstrate them in an actual facility. Proposals, which need to be submitted until June 18, must also include a strategy for transitioning from existing systems either by commercializing the new solution or by making it open source. “This FOA builds on DOE’s efforts with the private sector toward improving the security of the Nation's critical energy infrastructure, and reducing the risk of a cyber incident that could disrupt energy delivery,” the DOE said. “It will expand the development and adoption of energy technologies that will help ensure a more secure, resilient, and reliable electricity system.” Learn More at SecurityWeek’s ICS Cyber Security ConferenceAs of last year, the DOE said it had invested more than $270 million since 2010 in cybersecurity research, development and demonstration projects led by members of the industry, universities and the agency’s own National Laboratories. In September 2017, the Energy Department announced its intention to invest $50 million in the research and development of tools and technologies that would make the country’s energy infrastructure more resilient and secure, including more than $20 million in cybersecurity. Earlier this year, the DOE announced the creation of the Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response (CESER) to help the organization efficiently coordinate preparedness and response to both manmade and natural threats. Energy facilities in the United States and the Energy Department itself have often been targeted by malicious hackers in the past years, although the attacks have not been as damaging as the ones that hit Iran, Saudi Arabiaand Ukraine Source: Found on
  2. Concerning this, try check on your license manager at and please check at the left side, how much is your license are allowed to be installed on the pc, If it says 5 then proceed with the next check. If not, then try this to keep in touch with them Other possibilities than that, i didnt know is this still occurred, but during the early launch of the license manager, the activation record on the license manager sometimes duplicated even though on the original pc it has been uninstall. So try check the device listed name for any possible duplication on activation record and remove the duplicate activation record manually by selecting the menu by clicking the arrow at the bottom of the of your PC name. Removing the activated pc from here will deactivate the products on the listed name pc, so becarefull not to remove the wrong pc name if it was necessary.
  3. Order Status: Pending

    Hi that page is being manage by Our Malaysia Local Distributors. You might want to get in touch with them.
  4. address being blocked by ESET

    It might be something in your PC requested the blocked link. Provide a screenshot as itman instructed
  5. ESET Endpoint Security 7 BETA signup

    Hi @Peter Randziak im previously beta tester for home products, how can i get involve in endpoint products beta testing?
  6. Fileless Malware

    Well, as per mention in this forum; Another thing is, this so called file less attacks have a behaviour like previous old virus which i didnt remember its name, when it infect the PC (even though it do install it self on the pc before inject legitimate software by modifying it code to include part of the virus it self). I have seen it once by chance, and yeah eset does protect you from it. But again, just like malware, there are still fileless malware that cannot be detect. However, by using properly HIPS rules, you can set a rules to protect the targeted system files. Even though im not expert enough to advice which or the example of rules you can set in order to prevent this. For Example you did not use powershell, then set the rules on the hips to block any access to powershell. However, usually it being used on large company to gain certain profit or for espionage mission. So i dont think regular user will be impacted by this. Unless you are a company user with a lot of sensitive information which cyber criminals or certain country want, you might want to use only your company pc, within you company network that have been firewalled properly and monitored for suspicious activity.
  7. Based on my experience, if the issue keep recurring, there probably something wrong with your Wireless Device. You might want to check with them if even after you UNINSTALL the ESET without installing it again and tested it, the problem are still exist. do you own the wifi device? try to check it settings etc. Why im saying this? because at the forum you mention that using ethernet cable the website load without any problem. And another thing is try change the dns setting of your pc wireless settings to google public dns, and see if that makes any changes. And another thing is based on the above statement, though this is really rare case, but it still happened, your wifi might a little crowded which also might cause the issues. I have experience this once because the wifi are shared with a few people, and the wifi became somehow crowded, which led to this kind of problem.
  8. Hows ESET related to Virus Total?

    I see, thanks for the answer, i kind of clearer hows the relationship works So i assume you guys should have received this sample then; After rechecking i found out that ESET has detect this as a variant of Generik.KOTSBSZ
  9. Hows ESET related to Virus Total?

    Hi and Good Morning, Im wondering hows is the relationship between vendors and Virus Total, are Vendors such as ESET are allowed to request uploaded sample files from Virus Total? Or Not at All?
  10. ESET and ransomware protection

    Im not expert as marcos, but it should be sufficient for the current ransomware and future ransomware that have traits or behaviour that similar to existing ransomware if your rdp is not compromise, set uninstallation password to avoid endpoint av from being removed or disable. Again no AV can ever protect 100% from such ransomware as hacker also human, and they can modified and test their software until it cannot be trace. And even antivirus have it own limitation especially when it came to known OS and Firmware vulnerability that already being patch via OS / Firmware update but user did not patch their system which lead it to be exploit by cyber criminal. So patch your system keep your AV updated, and educate your user. And even if you practice all of this, you already secured up to 90%, to reach 100% protection is impossible. Additional Note: I remember seeing somewhere in this forum on somebody ask on how the strengthen their protection with HIPS rules. If the mention step are related with you, you might want to applied it to your HIPS rules.
  11. GranCrab v2.0

    Well @itman the "Unbelievable" just happened. In this client case, he uses windows 7. And i assured you, its like a common situation in Malaysia. this is personal PC, there are some cases, a library with about a dozen of PCs, does not even have any AV install and using windows xp. However i do think on enterprises level most of them uses antivirus.
  12. GranCrab v2.0

    I see, do you know how this 2.0 spread?
  13. GranCrab v2.0

    Hi Macros, as per said, i didnt care about decrypting, just need a verification either it still there on the client pc or not, and did this "V2.0" detected by eset? Would you like an access to the infected pc?
  14. GranCrab v2.0

    Hi, First of all, this customer did not use ESET solution and only using free malwarebyte solution (with no real time protection), and its just a personal computer. And it has been infected with GranCrab v2.0. So now, 2.0 didnt have decryptor yet, but if possible, i want an expert to assist me to search for this ransomware on his computer. And i did not know how ransomware works (maybe after activating it deleted it hide it self) but im willing to give access using TeamViewer for anyone who are expert only, that are able to help to determine either it still there or not, and are the sample can be extract. Just find the so called v2.0 GranCrab and extract it, is enough. I scan using ESET online Scanner and it detect a few trojan a few worm but for grandcrab it only detect the ransome demand ".txt" file. the txt file as per attach CRAB-DECRYPT.txt