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    khairulaizat92 gave kudos to itman in IOBIT Forum Hacked   
    The main thing to know about this attack was Windows Defender was bypassed since the malware created exclusions in WD to allow its malicious .dll to run undetected.
    Kapersky also didn't stop files being encrypted by the ransomware portion of the attack. Per a malwaretips.com poster:
    Waiting until someone does a detailed analysis on this puppy.
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    khairulaizat92 gave kudos to Marcos in IOBIT Forum Hacked   
    The malicious dll is already detected. VT uses an on-demand scanner which relies on engine updates. Moreover, there may be a delay of one hour after the engine update before VT reports current scan results.
    iobit.dll - a variant of WinGo/Filecoder.DeroHE.A trojan
    Also I can assure you that we take security seriously and have always taken measures to harden the forum against attacks.
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    khairulaizat92 gave kudos to MichalJ in How to manage customer Console using our own account   
    Hello, unfortunately, this is currently not possible in a way you are seeking for. If customer adds his license to EBA account, the only way for you is to have a dedicated login (email address) to every one of such EBA accounts. We are currently analyzing / designing a solution, that will allow reseller management / visibility into the customer´s EBA accounts, and also connected ECA instances, however it will take some time till this is developed. 
    Internal reference: IDEA-1355
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