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  1. Thanks Marcos, but not worried at all about the few dollars for the remaining time. More a question of how best to use this and when. Seems if all above is correct, all three license clocks start when the first is activated and the boxed 3 pc licenses cannot extend a license, but rather starts one anew. If so, the only question I still might have is what benefit using a License Manager would have if any. And BTW, this saves me a bout half of the renewal costs and being on a fixed income drives me to find deals. If I recall, one year my licenses were free after rebate. Not quite so good now :) But worth looking for the specials.
  2. Thanks Tom. Its all a wee bit confusing. Worst comes to worst, I'll at least get both computers in sync and lose 6 weeks of one license.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Boxed licenses. It is less expensive to buy new licenses than renew when vendors have specials. It is one license for three devices
  4. Hi folks, I have two computers. Each has its own NOD32 license. They expire at different times. I bought a 3 PC full product from an authorized dealer. What is the best way to use these license? Can I enter the codes into my existing installations and have it EXTEND my subscriptions? Do I have to wait until the day before they expire to do this in order to not lose subscription time? Can I enter all three in a License Manager and have them continue my subscriptions that way? Appreciate details on how I should proceed. Thanks. ~Bob
  5. Issues seem to have stopped. Spoke with Eset today and they say it was in one component of NOD32 and they updated either yesterday or today. I have that version and that issue has not happened since early this morning for me. They also mentioned it was connecting to the servers, but throwing the error message none-the-less even though there was no issue. ~Bob
  6. In my case I am on 24/7. It is not a startup issue nor network login. It happens on average once an hour on each machine. Lasts 30 seconds roughly.
  7. Have never seen an Antispam folder in any previous version and have been using for years. I have to disagree on that one Marcos. And sorry for going off topic, but wanted to explain why I would not try anything to fix Livegrid until tech support gets the other issue sorted. And THEY agree the AnsiSpam folder on my server and iPhone are not proper for NOD32.
  8. It is not. But because of my other issue, I would not change that as I am waiting for a call back from programming with a build to try to fix that one. Its the inclusion of code from another product causing NOD32 to create ANTISPAM folders and perhaps the wrong Outlook plugin. I have that in another thread.
  9. Well, two machines, both Ethernet, both 11.0.154, one Windows 7, one Windows 10 and both get this message about 2 dozen times per day per computer and not at the exact same times on both. I am convinced it is in the 11.X builds. NEVER happened in 10.X. I did add it to my other issues when I talked with elevated tech support last Thursday so they are aware of my issue. I mentioned I was not alone and others see the same.
  10. Had a call with a great tech at ESET this morning. Tried the major uninstall / reinstall in safe mode and problem(s) came right back. Escalated to top tier tech support, another great experience. Nice being understood and not talked down to (think Comcast We did what I di on his test system and replicated the issues. Whoever thought it has remants of another product in the NOD 32 installer is likely right. Now escalated to the programmers. Will report...
  11. Well, Est agrees this should not have happened but have not provided either a fix nor a timeline for an update that will correct this. Not the most responsive Tech Support I have ever dealt with. I'm surprised.
  12. Good idea, but no good. I uninstalled. Deleted the ESET AntiSPam folder on the server. Rebooted. Installed .154. Took a minute for it to recreate the AntiSpam folder on my server.
  13. I already have .154 as I mentioned. I can try the uninstall reinstall. Will reply....
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