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  1. Microsoft has implement p2p function on their windows update, im just wondering if ESET able to do the same? The idea are so that when ESET user are using the same network for online, the update can be distributed much more faster and better among them. Honestly, Im thinking about this because, in my shop we are doing services for the pc and laptop and also some cyber cafe activities, and all of our pc are using eset. so when customer want to reset their pc, we will install eset trial on their pc while offering them a full license products, but the 1st time update sometimes take longer time eventhough my internet speed are 20Mbps. Well of course i understand that the 1st time update are large and slow, it just that theres might be a way to make it download faster or something like that
  2. Don't know where you heard that but that's obviously not true. HIPS coupled with Advanced memory scanner and Exploit blocker monitors the behavior of running processes. Also Live Grid substantially increases response to new threats. This is something that cannot be seen at Virus Total. Let's take the recent Filecoder.DA (aka CTB Locker) outbreaks. While it's been silence in ESET forums about infections, the forum of another technically advanced product was full of complaints of users who got their systems infected and files irreversibly encrypted. Instead of rumors, please give us some facts that can be verified (e.g. hashes of malware that wasn't properly detected). Well again, i read from their comment, and posted it back here for you, and for the undetected Malware, those Malware Hunter already sent a lot of undetected Malware, but yet again, They still thanks and ESET for the lightness on the system usage, the small footprint on their PC, and the high detection of the Malware, but as everything have pro and cons, so dont get me wrong, its not like i tried to tell ESET is bad or something, its the best thing ever exist, it just a feedback that i get from these forum. Im also ESET user, but im not as Expert as this guys. But it might good to put their feedback into consideration on future release.
  3. Just back from around 3 different forum, which consist of Malware Expert, and Malware Hunter forum, Some of their concern about ESET is eset still lack of malware behavior detection. Maybe this still can be improved. In details They said ESET is the best as their respond to new malware are fast but still lack of behavior detection of the malware. Why is this important? As there's been a rumors around telling that hacker do the experiment on their created Malware on Virus total, and they will continue improving to avoid from being detected by current AV. But they (Malware Hunter) also understand that doing this, is a hard work. But still it worth it to make an improvement on that behavior detection. (If this not related to this topic, please inform me and suggest which topic are suitable for this kind of suggestion )
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