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  1. News from Bleeping Computers: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/iobit-forums-hacked-to-spread-ransomware-to-its-members/ Personal Note: Man that nasty, if eset forum is hacked, and i got this type of email, im surely gonna be tricked. Anyway, when i checked at virus total, eset still not update the dll detection yet. I wonder if in the real time it already been added to the detection?
  2. Dear Sir Mdm, Im authorised reseller for ESET. And recently i have few customer that using ESET Cloud Solution on the premise. So my question is, is there anyway i can manage the customers account in EBA and ECA using my company email address instead of need to logged in using the customers credential? I tried by adding my email at Customer A EBA account and assign the highest permission available. Then i tried to add my email on Customer B EBA account, but it rejected saying that the email address already existed (referring to the email present at Customer A EBA Account). So is
  3. ESET Internet Security with Anti-Theft features should work nicely on your laptop, in the end, it depends on your budget. I do think it much cost saving to purchase for 2 or 3 users license instead of purchasing 1 to 1 license. Try asking ESET on your origin country for more info.
  4. Hi Good Day, I will answer based on my ESET region experience. 1) do you purchase boxes license or online license? Boxes license can be activated anytime, while online license, the license activated the first day of your purchase. 2) As your purchase new license, i dont think it will extend the current existing subscription. I believe you should wait near expiry date. 3) Yes you can insert into license manager at my.eset.com, the license will be manage separately one another so there will be no issues it will mixed up with other activation code. Once your current subscription expired
  5. For some region the license offered up to max 3 years. But then again, if you purchase 1 license (3 user 1 year) the start date start at the first day of purchase for online purchases, and first day of the 1st device activation for box purchases. Unless if you purchase 3 different license for 1 device (Box version). Then you might be able to use is year after year after yea. But please refer to your local eset support either the license can be kept for more than a year or two yea.
  6. Hi, I have found certain cases in Malaysia, and it might be the same for you in your case. You have purchase illegal license from unauthorized reseller. And usually this pirate reseller has abuse the way license being activated by selling it to so many people at the same time. I didnt know how they manipulate this, but on the recent years i have seen decreasing in this kind of cases maybe to ESET new license manager. My advice is that you only purchase the license from an authorised reseller and to ensured that your license is safe, registered it at my.eset.com license manager to ensured
  7. Im just curios, what OS are used on the client pc? if windows, there might be possibilities (Im not an expert, so im just guessing based on my past experience) that the Proxy settings on the windows are somehow maybe changed, either caused by unknown factor such as, maybe malware or something. You can try look at control panel > Internet Option > Connection > LAN Settings. By default, it should look like the attach pict i provided in this post. If not the same then you should untick the "Proxy Server" as in the picture.
  8. Usually it takes more than a few times entering wrong password before it starting to take pictures, and are you sure you set it up correctly? Some system like huawei miui and honor miui required you to reprovide some permission after the application update. Run some test on your device via your anti-theft webportal. It might help to see if it working correctly
  9. Update: its seems to be my Google chrome only. Maybe cookies or cache problem.
  10. Dear All, is there any announcement for this? or is it just my computer?
  11. Well update for both of you, the link indeed alive, and shockingly, the link automatically update new variant or type of trojan for grancrab 5.0.4 everyday. And i have been collecting sample everyday put it to the test and submit to the vendor that missed it. And the latest 4 Nov 2018 GMT+8 theres new update that eset missed, already submitted it though to samples@eset.com and yeah, im crazy enough to click it everyday, hahah. well obviously in safe environment, on unused pc with vpn enable.
  12. Well maybe ESET researcher just that good ?
  13. I see thanks for the verification. The malware start to be infecting customer from bitdefender producst 1 day earlier, but the sample arrive at our cegah ransomware malaysia fb group around the time i uploaded it to VT. Anyway is the website behavior seems suspicious to you? as before i submitted the sample and forum post to available vendors, it seems to display as per below. But after around 15-30 minutes after its discovery, it change as 2nd screenshot After Change: It remove the link like it was detecting the site. Though i still posses the original downloa
  14. Dear All, WARNING LIVE SAMPLE. IF ADMIN FIND THAT THIS IS RISKING TO THE OTHER FORUMERS, FEEL FREE TO DELETE THIS AFTER READING AND COPYING AND ADD THE DETECTION TO ESET SOLUTION. The below link contain the trojan that dropped Grancrab 5.04 as per below; Source Link: hxxp://europesebeweging.nl/crack-systools-pst-merge-3-3/ Trojan: hxxp://www.mediafire.com/file/tlss8cy1hd1r2mo/Sample-2-Nov.zip/file Password: infected Online Scanner: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/d4f770cd8d86972948709b43ef4a56f3d7ddf5ddaf15c6133b0c42ec5f3c3d21/detection Analysis: https://www.hybr
  15. Hi and Good Day, Im wondering did ESET aware of this recent malware and ransomware pack that are being reviewed in the below post? I see that the download link are being detected malicious by eset, but some files (according to virus total) might been missed. Here is the link: https://researchcenter.paloaltonetworks.com/2018/09/unit42-xbash-combines-botnet-ransomware-coinmining-worm-targets-linux-windows/ The download urls are available on the site at near end of the review.
  16. Hi and Good Day, Can anyone guide me on how to update the client pc that use ESET Endpoint Antivirus the latest version manually? as the client purposely kept the pc off internet for some reason.
  17. Barracuda is quite tough competitors base on my experience, i have been testing all products and it seems they outperform most of the products offered in the market. But that just based on my experience. But for Endpoint, yes eset is best in terms of performance. In terms of future version, you might need somebody from dev staff to comment
  18. Well its not like i didnt read the report nor says the report are not reliable. They did their test and this is the result. And i didnt denied to that eset does misses some malware along the test. But still, 98.2 is more than enough as protection, and in my experience, its pretty rare for client to get infected by malware when using eset. though "rare" here does not refer that eset can block 100% of malware in the world, but it sufficient enough for daily users protection. And even for advance user, using HIPS rules they can even blocked unknown Zero-Day Malware. That said, compared to
  19. I dont think you need to delete your facebook account. If you take the below precaution, the chances will be as low as 10% Check your emails that you used to register FB, check your details, check your email settings, ensured that there are no foreign email authorisation in your email, change it password, enable 2fa, enable security measure that easy for you but hard on hacker. Check your FB, check on the settings again check for any foreign element such as email used for your facebook (make sure only your email are present as admin and as the one received any security notification
  20. Just additional info, but still it depends on your local distributors, in my place the license can be upgraded or extend to the certain amount of seats, and also, the license renewal, is renewal, which mean with the current license in effect it can be extend to a new date without changing the license.
  21. Theres a few package that match your needs, depends on your local distributors, but if this is offered by your local distributor, the below products might sufficient with your need; https://www.eset.com/int/business/security-packs/ (In some country they offered start from 5 PC+5 Mobile + 1 File Server, on this website they offered start from 10 PC so depends on your local distributors) But if you want, you can also purchase Eset Endpoint Protection Standard or Advance. This package contain unilicense that match all your needs as per above; https://www.eset.com/int/business/secur
  22. Hi, that said, in a simple explanation, ESET only protect if the exploit or attack occured to be invading your PC. So in your case, its FB case on their own server. Based on my experience this usually happened either because of bruteforce attack , Bruteforce attack did not came from your pc, it always happened around the internet. Theres even a BOT that do daily scan and do thousand and milions of bruteforce attack on any fb login page or any website that have login page, and this bot usually hosted at different server from your pc. So in this case even if you use any other security products,
  23. The United States Department of Energy (DOE) on Monday announced that it’s prepared to award up to $25 million for the research and development of technologies designed to protect the country’s energy infrastructure against cyber threats. The funding opportunity announcement (FOA) comes from the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability’s Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems (CEDS) program and it seeks applications for researching, developing and demonstrating novel approaches to improving cyber resilient energy delivery systems. Specifically, the offer is for proje
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