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  1. Also, I have all the latest Win10 updates, nothing has changed.
  2. I tried uploading the logs, but at 99mb the split files were still too large and I don't have enough patience to retry. You should consider allowing 7z as well, in your extension format. Much faster. Anyway, the file: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgrjqmJUctfrgtk0DqAF8qeW_yd_ZQ
  3. ees_logs.zip Here are the logs. The crash dump is over 1gig and in zip format, it takes forever to compress. I'll come back later with these. Sorry for the delay. Lots of problems currently.
  4. Hello, When trying to access one of my network drive, I always get a blue screen of death with the following message: Stop code: Unexpected kernel mode trap What failed: epfwwfp.sys Sometimes I can't access any of my mapped network drives, but it is usually always the same one containing simple Acess database files. Sometimes, the file isn't mentionned, only the bluescreen. I uninstalled Eset Endpoint v6 and reinstalled v7 instead, but the problem persist. Just clicking on the drive results in a crash. If I completely remove Eset Endpoint, then my computer works normally, I have access to all my network drives. Once I have it installed again, the problem reeappears. Windows 10 version: 1809 build 17763.292 It's been doing that for a little while though. It wasn't doing it everyday, but now, there it is. Everyday I boot, I can't access some network drives and I get this error message. Full hardware specs here: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/D9CPHN Eset does not report any infection. I have tried competing anti-virus products' offline scanners, as well as Eset's tool and they did not report anything abnormal either. I am lost.
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