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  1. I have NOD32 installed and running on a 2-year license key from 2016. Knowing that it would be coming up for renewal, I purchased 1-year/3 device package back in February. At that time (2/26/18) I put one install on a new computer, intending to use the other install on the existing machine. Yesterday I began getting the message on my existing (expiring 2-year install) PC and I figured I could just change the license key to the new 1-year code to extend the license for another 12 months. I did that, and while it did accept the key, it shows an expiration of 2/26/19 (one year from the date I put one activation on a different PC) rather than simply adding to the current expiration date. Is this how it is supposed to work, or should I see the older PC expiration date more like 4/2019? I haven't been able to find the details on this question, so apologies if it is available elsewhere.
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