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Remote administrator console data retention query

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I am looking at setting up reports for the activity of web browsing, based on the use of the web control component of ESET endpoint security.

My query concerns the retention of data from web control in the remote administration console.  Is there a limit on how many days the console will retain?  Or is this determined by the amount of space available on the server, so in theory this can just grow...

I am looking to record 30 days of web history from a small office that uses Eset Endpoint Security. I can then run a report via the remote administrator console.

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By default, logs with lower severity are removed after 1 month. This can be configured in the advanced ESMC Server setup:



If you create a Web Control rule with higher severity (warnings / critical), the records are retained for 6 months.

We do not recommend creating a Web Control rule that would log every accessed url or it will generate huge logs on clients and performance issues not only on clients but also on the ESMC server which may result in inability to log in due to server overload caused by processing a huge number of records.

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