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We use Eset Endpoint Security version 7.0 and ESMC to manage clients. We need to know the following things. Please assist.


1. Is it possible to pause the protection of clients for the specific time frame from ESMC?

2. How to configure a policy to enable pause protection from a client side? (With our current configuration we not allowed to pause real-time protection of the client. It is not editable and locked.)



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  • Administrators

The reason why you cannot pause protection is that protection module are enabled via a policy, ie. the lockpad icon may not appear next to particular protection modules in your screen shot.

I assume that activating Override mode should do the trick:


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  • ESET Staff

You can also pause the protection remotely (until reboot, or until unpaused) running a run command task. If you have "ESMC V7" the "enable back" could be automated via a one click task. Set of applicable commands is listed here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/11437-65-new-feature-enable-disable-protection-features-from-the-command-line/?do=findComment&comment=57838


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