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I'm a long time user of pf on BSD and macOS, and iptables on Linux. I get very frustrated by the firewall availability on Windows machines, as they're generally nowhere near as fine-grained or powerful as *nix offerings. Eset's Internet Security finally gave me the control I desired; namely per-interface/IP zones and rules, to easily allow application-specific traffic over VPN interfaces but not the LAN/ISP etc. It even now has a top-to-bottom ruleset like pf. Nice!

On my MacBook Pro I currently use the excellent built-in pf firewall, with Murus Pro acting as front-end. I'm more than capable of writing pf rulesets/conf files by hand, and always double-check the resulting pf.conf before pushing it into production, but a GUI is quicker to generate the initial config so whatever. :lol:

My question is, does Eset's Cyber Security Pro for Mac utilise macOS' underlying pf, or does it use a custom engine? I'm really hoping it just acts as a GUI front-end for pf, as it's such a feature rich, powerful and battle-tested firewall there's no real reason to change it. Eset do make a nice GUI (and excellent AV) though, so that'd be icing on the cake.

I did do a search before posting, but the one topic I saw asking this and a few other questions had all questions answered but this (most important!) one. Thanks in advance.

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Never mind. I tested it anyway and unfortunately the firewall has more holes than Swiss cheese. :blink: It doesn't recognise virtual interfaces (eg utun), so even when connecting to a WireGuard VPN interface/server (for example), Eset doesn't notice. Even when manually setting the rules and zones like this: - Public - Block all incoming
{Public IP} - Public - Block all incoming

Once the tunnel is established (with a static public IPv4 address at the server end), all ports on the local machine are open to the internet, even with Eset running and configured to block everything. Seriously, seriously bad. I'll stick to Murus/pf then. :ph34r:

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