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Dismiss APNS alerts

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Hi, we have been using ERA and I have just upgraded the console and server to 7.  We get alerts all the time for a missing APNS certificate.  We do not use and have no intention of using Apple devices.  How do I dismiss/disable this alert, please?  It's really annoying.

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  • ESET Staff


iOS related protection states start to be reported when iOS device browser connects to enrollment endpoint (9980) with valid authorization.

Currently there is no UI way to dismiss those I'm aware of, however, you may rewrite to 0 (or delete) "configuration.IosConnected" from "keyvalue" table in MDM database. (while MDM is down as these values are cached).

If this persists or returns even with no attempted iOS enrollments please raise a support ticket as above is described way is how it was designed, not necessarily how it was implemented.


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