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Windows 10 flickering screen conflict with Eset Nod 32


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A very good afternoon to you all!

I recently installed the lastest Windows 10 update and since that time, my destop is flickering as soon as it has started up. It's like a constant refresh, where I can't click the icons or load any program (Task Manager is still working though).

I have checked all processes and in the end, I found out that disabling Nod32 seemed to fix the problem. To doublecheck, I uninstalled Nod32 and yes, that seemed to do the trick. My computer and screen seemed to work fine again. My problem is: I don't want to stop using Nod32! So is there a fix for this problem? I already disabled all Windows Defender Virus/Firewall applications, the only other defender program I'm using is MalwareBytes (I uninstalled this too, but this didn't seem to fix anything). But still, it seems like Nod32 is the conflicting software.

In 10 days my licence will expire and as I said, I would really like to continue using Nod32, but only if I can get it working again! So please, any tips or tricks would be SO much appreciated!

Kind greetings from the Netherlands!

(I already followed all the general flickering screen-trouble shooting guides like disabling Windows Error Reporting services and running the Windows repair thing. This didn't fix the problem).

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I for one can't imagine how installing ESET could cause screen flickering. Could you please shot a short video to demonstrate the issue?

Do you have a regular build of Windows 10 installed or you are using an Insider Preview build? Have you tried uninstalling ESET and installing the latest version 11.2.63 from scratch with default settings?

Please gather logs with ESET Log Collector and post the generated archive here.

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I have never heard before that an Anti-Virus is causing screen flickering unless the AV is blocking some of the drivers or removing or altering anything related to the drivers of the GPU but it's also something that AVs won't do, I've been using ESET for few years I have never experienced something like this

Are you sure that ESET is the software that is causing screen flickering? , not the drivers or the monitor or the GPU?

Try to check ESET logs , or Windows Event Viewer to see if there is something related to your screen flickering.

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I can't see ESET having any reason to make your screen flicker. 

However, computers are never a sure thing. Make sure you have all the latest updates for your display and graphics drivers.

If you're using a laptop see if connecting it to a monitor fixes the issue as this may reset the display settings back to default.

If these don't work then check the Event Viewer for any errors that occur there as @Rami said.

Other than that I can't think of any other reason why the screen could be flickering.


Kieran Barry

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