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  1. Kieran Barry

    github.io domain is blacklisted

    Is the mindmup domain blocked? Try adding both the mindmup and github domain to the allowed list and see if that makes a difference. Regards, Kieran Barry
  2. Kieran Barry

    github.io domain is blacklisted

    Instead of allowing the site completely, would it be a smart idea to show a warning when trying to access sites such as Github? They are very dangerous and one can easily upload and download malicious content. Regards, Kieran Barry
  3. Kieran Barry

    ESET outlook plugin

    Hi @Shafiq, I don't think there is a way in ERA, but in Outlook itself if you go to: File > Options > Add-Ins > Manage: COM Add-ins GO > Unticking or Ticking ESET Outlook Add-in Hope this helps, Regards, Kieran Barry
  4. Kieran Barry

    github.io domain is blacklisted

    No worries, can you confirm that it works okay now? Regards, Kieran Barry
  5. Kieran Barry

    github.io domain is blacklisted

    Hi Gencer, If you go into your client's Advanced Settings, you can add the domain for this to the exclusion list. EDIT: Go to Advanced Setup > Web and Email > Web Access Protection > URL Address Management Github is most likely blocked as it is quite easy for people to upload malicious content to the website. Regards, Kieran Barry
  6. I can't see ESET having any reason to make your screen flicker. However, computers are never a sure thing. Make sure you have all the latest updates for your display and graphics drivers. If you're using a laptop see if connecting it to a monitor fixes the issue as this may reset the display settings back to default. If these don't work then check the Event Viewer for any errors that occur there as @Rami said. Other than that I can't think of any other reason why the screen could be flickering. Regards, Kieran Barry
  7. You can download programs that lower the white light of your screen, replacing it with a red light that is less harsh on your eyes. Have a look at f.lux, it's a really good program and I would recommend it highly. Regards, Kieran Barry
  8. Kieran Barry

    Future changes to ESET Remote Administrator

    Thank you @Marcos, They seem to be clearing up slowly but surely! Regards, Kieran Barry
  9. Kieran Barry

    Future changes to ESET Remote Administrator

    I have just disabled this, assigned it to all of the machines, checked that it is working by looking at the applications they have installed on their machine (which it is working) and these are still coming up in my dashboard reports.
  10. Hi @itman, You can add the website to the list of normal browsers, that would stop it from opening in a secured browser. I can't recreate this issue either so might be a setting that you have enabled or disabled? You probably know more than me, just trying to help! Regards, Kieran Barry
  11. Kieran Barry

    Future changes to ESET Remote Administrator

    Description: The ability to turn off threat alerts regarding windows updates. Detail: I know that Windows Updates are important, however, in a business situation they are usually controlled by the administrator in the IT Department (me) and are not automatically rolled out whenever they are available. Some updates don't work with some of the systems that we employ and therefore they do not get rolled out at all. When checking through the ERA console, 27 of our machines are showing that they have a security notification because they do not have all of the newest Windows Updates as I have chosen not to roll them out to these specific machines. It isn't really an issue but it makes it look like 27 of the machines aren't functioning correctly when in fact they are working fine.
  12. Kieran Barry

    Let's talk about coverage

    Hi Christian, I currently have 145 domain computers and all of them are covered with ESET v7, 100% of them are green and reporting no issues. Everything that we have in our AD is covered and is working absolutely fine. Regards, Kieran Barry
  13. Kieran Barry

    ESET Blocking Kayak.com

    Hi @itman and @Marcos, Thanks for your replies, I have managed to fix this with a little bit of tinkering in the Endpoint Settings on the machine itself. Can't remember exactly what I had changed but everything seems to be working a-okay now. Thank you for your help! Regards, Kieran Barry
  14. Kieran Barry

    Future changes to ESET Remote Administrator

    Hi @MichalJ, Okay great, I think it would help accessibility quite a lot as I always seem to find myself right clicking on something and then remembering that it doesn't do anything. In answer to your question, I believe that it is a good thing that the built-in policies and reports can be changed as if someone did want to change something then it stops them from being inundated with duplicates, so I don't think that they should be locked down forcing people to create more and more of them. In regards to other use-cases, I think to be honest it would most likely be used for policies and reports, and thinking about it now maybe it would be a good idea for tasks to have a reset function. Just so it makes it easier to get back to the beginning instead of having to recreate duplicates all the time. An example could be: I've been trying to reconfigure the "Last Scan" report to show only those machines that haven't been scanned for 7 days or more and make it into a table. To do this I have changed quite a lot of the settings, most notably the "Data" and "Filter" settings for the report with no luck. I thought it would be a good idea to reset the template back to how it was originally but unfortunately I can't remember how it was set out-of-the-box, so now I am a bit stuck and have a report that doesn't work and no idea how to get it back to what it was before. I hope this helps, if you want any more information then let me know. Regards, Kieran Barry
  15. Kieran Barry

    Memory Usage

    Hi @KomodoDagger, I am running the same program with you on a 64 bit Windows 10 Pro machine with OS build 16299.611. ESET is currently using between 50-52 mb. Have you set it so that it scans every time your machine is booted up? Regards, Kieran Barry