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  1. Hi all, I am encountering an issue in where an error is occurring every time I try to add our business license into ELA. When trying to add the license, a message reads: "Sorry for the inconvenience, there was an error processing your request". I am 100% sure that I am getting the license key and ELA password right and can't figure out why this is happening. Thank you and Kind Regards, Kieran Barry
  2. Is this something that I could potentially suggest in the changes thread? Kind Regards, Kieran Barry
  3. Hi Guys, Just a quick question, is there any way that you can export a policy to a readable format? Basically, I want to take a readable copy of a policy in a PDF file format (or .docx) so that there is always a guide as to what policies we have in-case I am off and someone needs to have a look etc. Kind Regards, Kieran Barry
  4. I have checked these settings and they are the same as yours. I have enabled the logging just in-case the issue happens again. Thank you for your help Kind Regards, Kieran Barry
  5. Version 6.6, connected to ERA v6. How can I check where it updates from?
  6. Hi guys, Just encountered a strange problem, more of a post to let you know that it's been encountered. I got an email stating that when one of our machines tried to update definitions, the file was not found on the server. I went downstairs to take a look and manually checked for updates and it went through with no problems. Is there a difference between it trying to update automatically and manually? Kind Regards, Kieran Barry
  7. Hi Foiler, We have 140 endpoints using Office 365 Mail and all of them have ESET installed and we have no issues. Does the password prompt specifically appear once a day or every time you restart the machine? If it was blocking port 443 then you wouldn't be able to receive any mail traffic in the first place so it cannot be that. Try updating your ESET client to a newer version? Regards, Kieran Barry
  8. Can you clarify as to what you mean by hit? It's a very vague opener to a topic so you may not get the help you want/need until you clarify a little more. Regards, Kieran Barry
  9. If you go into your Control Panel or Settings (depending what version of Windows you use) You can use Add or Remove Programs to remove ESET. Or you can use the ERA/ESMC to remove ESET from a machine also. Regards, Kieran Barry
  10. I think there is most likely something bigger at play here. ESET wouldn't control anything to do with the Start Menu and Settings etc. Maybe you have some sort of setting that is clashing with ESET that @anton83 does not have, as he said his is working fine? Can you specify what version of ESET you are using? And how many clients you are experiencing this with? Regards, Kieran Barry
  11. Hi Christian, If I am understanding you correctly, you can remove the machines from the Computers list on ERA/ESMC (Depending what you use) and it will deactivate the product on that client and remove it from the list. Do you use any other Antivirus applications or are the teams just not invested in the security of their clients? Regards, Kieran Barry
  12. How do you know that these issues are caused by ESET? I doubt ESET would control whether the Start function worked or not. I have these issues sometimes with 1803 and I have ESET running on about 140 machines all working fine. Regards, Kieran Barry
  13. They say they have tested 193 URLs with malicious software. How do you know that if 500 were tested, the free AV's would not drop their score? 193 URLs to me does not sound like a lot at all when there are potentially millions of malicious URLs found on the web. No AV is going to protect against 100% of them. As part of my thesis at University, we had to manually scan through 2000 files for malicious content using various different methods, 193 test cases is nothing so in my opinion this test really doesn't show much at all. EDIT: I would also like to point out the quote that a
  14. Yet for some reason that only the gods seem to know, you are still very much involved within the ESET community.
  15. If you feel like you can survive with just having Windows Defender then good luck, but I still don't think you need to remove it when ESET have said that they are working on it. After being with ESET for "11 great years" you're just going to drop them because this issue may take a little longer to fix then most? They, along with quite a few other large companies are blaming Google as it is their fault. They're not doing it just to have a go at Google, it is genuinely Google's fault and ESET have said that they are looking for a way to fix this. Google are worth roughly
  16. Hi @Justin, What version of Endpoint are you using and what version of ERA/ESMC are you using? Regards, Kieran Barry
  17. I think we can all agree with that. Google added Antivirus features to Chrome back in 2017 and ever since then it has been an issue for other AV companies as Google for some reason or another doesn't want to share the responsibility of keeping people safe by browsing the web. I think the best option would be to disable Google Chrome in the excluded applications list, so that it doesn't try to scan, therefore making Google Chrome have a little tantrum. If not, then remove Google Chrome in the first place seeing as it takes up about a billion GB of Memory (yes it's an exaggeratio
  18. @MichalJ, Apologies, I did not realise that one of my colleagues had included this into one of our policies. Thanks for that! Regards, Kieran Barry
  19. Hi @MichalJ, Is this not set by default? I have never turned this on but I am still getting information about non-ESET-installed applications. Regards, Kieran Barry
  20. Hi @hamed_masoomi67, You have to remember that you may need to duplicate and edit some of the reports that are pre-installed with ESET. If you add the "Computer . Group by (Computer name)" data column to the report that I have mentioned above then you will get a list of the computer names next to the installed applications. Regards, Kieran Barry
  21. Hi @hamed_masoomi67, Unfortunately I cannot find a way to create a report with all hardware on your clients. However, with the "Installed Applications" report, if you go into Edit, check that these Data settings are there: Then you should be able to see all applications as I have just run this and gotten back a report that lists all applications, including ESET applications. Let me know how you get on. Regards, Kieran Barry
  22. Hi Guys, I have been working very closely with MDM software for a while and I have come up with a list of 10 things that every MDM solution should incorporate to make sure that your mobile devices are as safe as they can be. Of course there is no MDM solution that can protect a mobile device 100% but I believe that having these guidelines will help you keep them as secure as possible. Standards for Password Strength - It is a requirement that mobile devices passwords and pass-codes meet or exceed these standards that have been set, including length and complexity. As part of this,
  23. Hi @hamed_masoomi67, If you go to Computers > Click on one of the computers and then click "Show Details" you can request a log (button at the bottom of the page) that will show what hardware they have. For the "report for showing clients install application" there is an already created report in the "Reports" section known as "Installed Applications" that give you run down of what software is installed within your infrastructure. You can then obviously add filters to specify the search. Regards, Kieran Barry
  24. Would you rather be warned that you have 10 seats left than be warned when you have 1 left? I believe 10% is quite a good margin as it gives you time to enquire about new licenses etc. I see what you are saying with a 1000 user company, but it is all subjective. A 1000 user company may employ 100 more people before a 100 user company will employ 10. Companies using ESET would only moan even more if there was no "overusage" warning as they wouldn't know how many licenses they had until it's too late. Regards, Kieran Barry
  25. Hi @greyjoy99, Try setting it to an AND operation, then having the rules: OS edition . OS type = Microsoft Windows (or whatever you have) AND Installed Software . Application name has no value. Regards, Kieran Barry
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