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  1. Thank you @Marcos, They seem to be clearing up slowly but surely! Regards, Kieran Barry
  2. I have just disabled this, assigned it to all of the machines, checked that it is working by looking at the applications they have installed on their machine (which it is working) and these are still coming up in my dashboard reports.
  3. Description: The ability to turn off threat alerts regarding windows updates. Detail: I know that Windows Updates are important, however, in a business situation they are usually controlled by the administrator in the IT Department (me) and are not automatically rolled out whenever they are available. Some updates don't work with some of the systems that we employ and therefore they do not get rolled out at all. When checking through the ERA console, 27 of our machines are showing that they have a security notification because they do not have all of the newest Windows Updates as I have chosen not to roll them out to these specific machines. It isn't really an issue but it makes it look like 27 of the machines aren't functioning correctly when in fact they are working fine.
  4. Hi @MichalJ, Okay great, I think it would help accessibility quite a lot as I always seem to find myself right clicking on something and then remembering that it doesn't do anything. In answer to your question, I believe that it is a good thing that the built-in policies and reports can be changed as if someone did want to change something then it stops them from being inundated with duplicates, so I don't think that they should be locked down forcing people to create more and more of them. In regards to other use-cases, I think to be honest it would most likely be used for policies and reports, and thinking about it now maybe it would be a good idea for tasks to have a reset function. Just so it makes it easier to get back to the beginning instead of having to recreate duplicates all the time. An example could be: I've been trying to reconfigure the "Last Scan" report to show only those machines that haven't been scanned for 7 days or more and make it into a table. To do this I have changed quite a lot of the settings, most notably the "Data" and "Filter" settings for the report with no luck. I thought it would be a good idea to reset the template back to how it was originally but unfortunately I can't remember how it was set out-of-the-box, so now I am a bit stuck and have a report that doesn't work and no idea how to get it back to what it was before. I hope this helps, if you want any more information then let me know. Regards, Kieran Barry
  5. Description: A "Reset to Default" option for different parts of the ERA. Detail: This one has mainly been discovered due to my own fault. There are many things that can be played with within ERA which is great, however I think there are some of us that might play a little too much and then get to a point where we've changed so much of something that it doesn't work or doesn't give you what you want. For areas such as reports and policies, it might be a good idea to have a button that you can click while editing that restores the default values. That way, if you play around too much and feel like you just want it back to how it was before, you have a reset button as a saviour.
  6. Description: Enable right-click and double-click in ERA Detail: ERA is one of the most easy-to-use management services I have used. However i believe that to make it more ergonomical there should be a functionality that lets users double-click on something. For example, when wanting to generate a report you first have to click on the report, then go down to the "GENERATE NOW" button and click that. I feel like adding the ability to open reports and other things with a simple double-click action would improve accessibility. The right-click I admit is quite an odd suggestion seeing as if you click on a field once it brings up a menu etc, however, again for things like editing reports, you first have to click the report, then click on the little cog icon over to the far right, and then click on edit. Would it not be easier just to be able to right click the report and choose edit? A very pedantic suggestion I know...
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