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edit settings on client

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my question is how do I edit e.g. Scan Exclusions on a specific server locally, which are set by policy.

The Scenario is the following. I have a group of SQL Servers and I have attached a policy to this group with some general Scan exclusions. 

Now I want to go to a Server on that list and edit the local exclusions because some file locations are specific to that server.

Right now its of cause blocked by policy. I just want to add some paths, basically for every Server in that group. (All of them have different Database locations for example) And I don't want to create a policy for each Server with the specific paths.

Is there a solution?


Thanks for your help.

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It's possible to change settings only temporarily in override mode, if allowed by a policy. As of ESMC (ERA v7), it will be possible to configure how certain settings will be applied on clients; if they will replace them, or if they will be prepended or appended. We will consider adding this control also for file exclusions.

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