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  1. It did work in the end. I first tried it with the AIO installer, which didnt run. Then I used the .msi installer of the Agent and the File Security and installed them separately. This worked perfectly on the Server. Thanks again.
  2. Previously there was Trend Micro Server Protect installed. But I did a clean uninstall and a reboot before installing ESET.
  3. Hi, I need to install ESET File Security on a Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2. I use the current version 6.5.12017.0 It is a fresh install, and I rebooted the server already. And I get the following error. Is the Windows version not supported andymore? Windows Version: error when installing ESET File Security 6.5.12017.0 on Windows Server 2003 Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi, my question is how do I edit e.g. Scan Exclusions on a specific server locally, which are set by policy. The Scenario is the following. I have a group of SQL Servers and I have attached a policy to this group with some general Scan exclusions. Now I want to go to a Server on that list and edit the local exclusions because some file locations are specific to that server. Right now its of cause blocked by policy. I just want to add some paths, basically for every Server in that group. (All of them have different Database locations for example) And I don't want to create a policy for each Server with the specific paths. Is there a solution? Thanks for your help.
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