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Hostname appears twice in ERA console client name

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Normally in the device column the workstation name is displayed: 'hostname.domain.com'

In some instances, I see the device name displayed as, 'hostname.domain.com hostname.domain.com'

This causes the devices to appear in Lost & Found container.

Any idea what is causing this?

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  • ESET Staff

Unfortunately this is bug in FQDN detection. It is triggered by fact that client machine has multiple IP addresses (maybe it is in multiple networks, i.w. wifi and lan). It has been discussed in much more detail in topic https://forum.eset.com/topic/14526-macs-computer-names-doubling/ . Issue should be resolved in upcoming release. Possible workaround is to disable or modify computer renaming task, so that instead of FQDN, computer name is used to rename machines (in case it contains correct data).

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