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Anti theft

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Now this seems ridiculous. 

1) Why is your anti theft work only on mobile data??? If its connected to a wifi, it doesnt work?? I did a test on the web portal and if my phone is connected to a wifi, the app does nothing. Cant even locate my location. 

2) it doesnt lock the phone??

Both what I mentioned above are the basics in any anti theft app. Im quite dissapointed in this. 

Additionally, I would also request for the app to add siren option. 

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1, Determining location works with wi-fi connections. If the location is not retrieved during an Anti-Theft test, I'd suggest contacting customer care from the EMS application to ensure that customer care will receive necessary logs.

2, Anti-Theft locks the phone. Again, customer care will assist you with troubleshooting.

As for siren, this option is there:


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