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ARP Poisoning Attack

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Good morning all,


Recently I keep getting a message when I log into my system.


"Detected ARP cache poisoning attack" and shows me the IP address for my Backup Drive


All the computers on my environment are using windows 7 and some use windows 8. But as for the backup drive, it is just that.


Can anyone give me a hand please. :o


Thank you,




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With v7 excluding trusted IP addresses from IDS is much easier. When an attack is detected, you should be able to open a dialog allowing you to stop blocking attacks from the particular trusted IP address as follows:







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Hello Marcos


"Question", this opportunity to interact with a dialog window, does it not only counts for when the firewall is set to be interactive. I mean, you will not see this opportunity if the firewall is set to automatic filtering? ( If I have understood it correctly, you could swift to interactive firewall to resolve a situation , regarding a poisoning attack, and in those cases, where it is a know and trusted ip, for then to set your firewall in automatic mode with exceptions, if necessary.


Regards Janus

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Janus, when I was having my internet connection issues, I do believe I saw that dialog window pop up (hey, this is new) when I was busy changing out modems. I do not believe I was in interactive mode (as I try to use automatic-less thinking involved), but I could be mistaken.  

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