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Applications Freeze

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I am using Eset SS7 since yesterday and already had dozens of "application-freezes". It seems like certain applications freeze in whatever they are doing - like if they were waiting for some Eset-dialog (HIPS, Firewall) to be answered, but there is no dialog from Eset on the screen.


This happenend to me when:

  • Installin Windows Updates
  • Running Steam
  • Running File Explorer
  • ...


Any ideas?

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You may have a bad rule list.... try reinstalling first please.

If that doesnt fix your issue, test your hard drive for errors using seatools or something with equal quality and accuracy.

If your hard drive is ok, we need a list of other running programs you might be using that are security based, if any.


Read this article about the firewall to help you determine which mode to use for setting up your rules.



Sorry for your programs freezing, but it may not be ESET at all, or just a bad configuration (equally not ESET).


Hope we can help :)

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Hi Arakasi


Thanks for your answer. I am quite sure it is not another program as it started at the day I installed Eset and it happens with many applications on two different PCs.


I have one case though that allows me to reproduce the behavior 100%:


  1. HIPS is set to Interactive mode
  2. Start Steam
  3. From Steam start the game SPAZ (Space Pirates and Zombies)
  4. Whole System Freezes !!


After trying and rebooting for quite some time I did this


  1. Set HIPS to Learning Mode
  2. Start Steam
  3. Start SPAZ
  4. --> There you go, the game starts AND Eset creates a rule for it !!!!

From then on the game works all the time, even in interactive mode. So this really looks like ESET does not prompt me for the rule. There is no other rule associated to that application.

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  • Administrators

Regarding the scenario with HIPS in interactive mode, are you able to reproduce it immediately after restarting the computer?

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  • ESET Moderators

Hello Effi,


the whole system is unresponsive after the mentioned steps?

If yes how long does it take to unfreeze?

Or it is not able to recover without a restart?


If the system is not able to recover itself please provide us with SysInspector log and manually created full memory dump.

Please initiate the dumping after at least minute or two after the system freezes.

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