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delegate administration to computer group problem

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I have eset 6.5 enviroment. My goal is to delegate control do groups of client computers based on computer name pattern.

All computers are imported from AD.

I can create dynamic group which selects computer by name pattern but I can't delegate administration control to dynamic group.

I can delegate administration control to static group but I don't see where I can provide pattern (filter) for selecting specific names of computers which schould belong to this group while importing computers from AD.

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  • ESET Staff

Something like that is not possible currently by default.

Static group synchronization is done based on where the particular computer belongs in the active directory (OU).

AFAIK, we had one customer, that had a similar use-case, and our North American engineering team delivered a workaround, that moved computers from dynamic groups to static groups at a defined time period. Let me check with them, whether we can share the tool with you.

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