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Interesting Utube Video On Windows Defender Protection


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Normally I dismiss uTube video security software reviews "out of hand" since most a done by wannabee security testers that are clueless on how to perform malware testing of security products. This one was posted on one of the security forums I frequent. So I decided to check it out. Author appears to know what he is doing. His malware database was 280+ in-the-wild plus 500+ plus known malware. The video is quite long 13+ mins. and that is at sped up speed.

Notable was the testing of three browsers; Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Of note was WD's significantly lower protection scores outside of Edge.

What was unique in this testing was the author tested WD with default settings. He then used Group Policy to configure SRP for max. WD protection, plus "tweaked" a few hidden registry settings in regards to enable PUA and the like protection. He then retested WD with those "max" protections. Notable was that these settings only increased WD's detection rate to 79% from the 78% rate scored with default settings. 

Bottom line - WD is definitely not ready for "prime time" security protection. 


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Sadly, you'll still get people thinking Win Defender is all one needs, even with safe browsing habits.

I'll stick with Eset for the time being :)

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