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Version 9.0.408.0


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I have one machine at 9.0.408 that updated to that latest dot release a few weeks ago on top of the version which can be downloaded from the ESET website, which still pulls down 9.0.386.0 and has old virus definitions. I would love to go to version 10.1, but refer here as to why I can't: https://forum.eset.com/topic/11629-eset-and-cisco-vpn/

- why won't my desktop machine install version 9.0.408? Am I really missing anything? Clicking "upgrate" with the app wants me to go to Version 10.0.390 (not 10.1 as now indicated is latest version)

- why is the download page still showing 9.0.386 and old definitions?


Both machines are running 64 bit Windows 10.


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I am in the same, I have many problems with version 10, install version 9 but can not upgrade to v9.0.408 because it is not that version to download and the program only updates to 10 directly. I do not know what is happening with eset, it is problem after problem lately and I unfortunately recently updated my license.

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