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  1. Gamer mode has been off (ESET says paused). I have nothing running in a fullscreen mode (Firefox is maximized, but that doesn't count). I found the other settings and disabled. This is my work computer, so needless to say I am not playing games. Thanks Marcos.
  2. About six times today, the action center in Windows 10 (1703) keeps popping up "ESET NOD32 Requires Your Attention". I take a look and nothing appears to be happening to display this (defs up to date-16007 as of this writing, ESET is happy there), ditto for Windows Updates (just verified again with Control Panel). I went to NOD32 Version 10.1.219 when it was offered to me. This is more an annoyance then anything else. The action item disappears once it is displayed.
  3. This morning, ESET did an upgrade to Version 9.0.408. I'll check those Cisco forums out, Marcos. I suspect my agency is downlevel. Thanks!
  4. I have one machine at 9.0.408 that updated to that latest dot release a few weeks ago on top of the version which can be downloaded from the ESET website, which still pulls down 9.0.386.0 and has old virus definitions. I would love to go to version 10.1, but refer here as to why I can't: https://forum.eset.com/topic/11629-eset-and-cisco-vpn/ - why won't my desktop machine install version 9.0.408? Am I really missing anything? Clicking "upgrate" with the app wants me to go to Version 10.0.390 (not 10.1 as now indicated is latest version) - why is the download page still showing 9.0.386 and old definitions? Both machines are running 64 bit Windows 10.
  5. Thanks, Marcos. Unfortunately, I can't run ESET Version 10 because of issues with a product called Cisco VPN (see separate topic).
  6. I just reinstalled Version 9 from the website (see previous topic why). The definitions are not current, so ESET is trying to download 75Mb+ of updates. The progress looks like it is 1998 and I am back on a 56Kb dialup line. I have checked our network and there are no slowdowns. - why doesn't ESET keep the definitions file somewhat up to date when you download software? - I am in the USA, where is the download server I am using?
  7. Once again, I tried to go to the current (10) version of ESET. Once again, the Cisco VPN compliance software won't accept the current version, forcing me back to version 9. I am pretty certain the version of Cisco VPN and accompanying compliance module are a little downlevel at the agency where I work. In your defense, other current version anti-virus software will not be accepted by the VPN's checker. Does anyone at ESET know about this software and can tell me out of curiosity what versions of Cisco's software are needed? If this needs to go offline into some PM (probably better), I am ok with that. Thanks
  8. Still nagging the websites to block that domain's junk. Still getting the messages from ESET. Thanks for the info.
  9. Still getting the address blocked messages this morning. Again e-mailed the two websites that are in question. That domain appears to serve many websites as indicated above. Does ESET typically try to contact the domain in question to get them to fix what is wrong?
  10. Wonderful. I have sent a bunch of e-mails to WTOP.com and nothing has been done to block the domain. Perhaps you could try webmaster@wtop.com. I can read the stories, and just ignore the messages, Marcos, or should I stay way until it is resolved one way or another?
  11. Version 7.0.325 (I can't upgrade any higher as the Cisco NAC client version we use does not accept V8 or V9). Current defs, Windows 7, Firefox. While on WTOP.com (radio station news site in Washington, DC, USA), I am getting "address blocked" messages visiting any story link, example follows from log: 5/26/2016 12:13:21 PM hxxp://0smhezbyrqrjm51c30dkaasv6ralrn.eclampsialemontree.net/qIAk7pwY1w6BO7pOidseVNRVwCRF1NXFwBWgIPGUFYXWkQUVQNQFEBSxtYEVxWRE8WBwsKVF9XZENYFVsVUAFdUA9FSlBTVFZUVl8RSlBUHFsEFkMcQxFaY1wKYVcQSghXWRIJRgUcAU1RGkgXBlxMLQVKXkACFFdVBFUHA1FBT0FCSUIDGwhEVl4IAFgBGh8Bv8H46WupdsoijVHdsoijV8J Blocked by internal blacklist C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe (domain/userid/IP address omitted. What is the deal with eclampsialemontree.net? This started this morning. Not sure which recent definitions file is triggering this. WTOP.com has been notified as well. I also sent a sample to the lab as a possible false positive. Edit: Same thing coming up on nydailynews.com.
  12. UPDATE: Solved - bad wi-fi network redirecting things. Back on office wi-fi, which is working fine. My bad and I have learned my lesson.
  13. Numerous webpages such as htttx://wtop.com, httx://wjla.com and other media websites will not let me click on anything on the webpage. No hand icon cursor shows up. The cursor remains an arrow and the IE status bar at the bottom shows a rdsrv.com link with click.bidder in the URL and a long string after that. This behavior occurs in IE and Firefox. Most other webpages are working fine. ESET detected nothing real time or with a computer scan (running version 8 with defs 10806). Malwarebytes quarantined some registry entries and had me reboot the computer, but the odd behavior still exists.
  14. For the first time today, one of my machines allowed me to update to Version 8.0.304 from within ESET (PCU). The odd thing is, my other machine, a laptop, is still showing Version 7 as the latest version. Had no problems applying the update. Both machines are running Windows 7. Any reason why one install of ESET would see Version 8, and the other Version 7 as the latest version when "check for updates" is clicked. I flushed the update cache and rebooted with no luck on the laptop. Edit: Three hours later, the laptop install of ESET now sees Version 8!
  15. This bit a lot of people, including my home PC. As usual the good folks at ESET posted the correct fix! I had tried several Microsoft tools they suggested with no luck. Someone in a Microsoft forum also came up with the correct answer which is shown here. Users should not have had to go into their network settings to do this. Many people did not know the proper steps to get to the DNS dialog box.
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