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Firewall rules - what I dont understand?


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I have situation who depress me. Maybe someone can help. I try create firewall rule for allowing ping/icmp.


There is two rules:

- first. working like except. created from LOG. Additional, it work also if I remove application 'System' for full visual similarity; 

- second. don't work, created manually.


BTW You can ignore column Enabled in bottom screen shot. I change it for testing purposes.

Follow i copy screen shots from both rules:







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  • ESET Staff

Hello, our firewall evaluates rules in order.

Most probably, you have internal, built-in firewall rules hidden in the editor. Rule from the log is created on the correct place (before the built-in rule), you can also do it manually, but you have to enable visualization of built-in rules, and and place your own rule on the correct place, as they are evaluated in order (top-down).

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  • Administrators

I would also add that ICMP communication is enabled in the Trusted zone by default (you'll see that rule after enabling the display of built-in rules). That said, configuring the Trusted zone properly should allow ICMP without creating new or adjusting existing firewall rules.

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