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  1. @MartinKabout duplicates. for us it's standard procedure: - IT technician take a decision reinstall workstation/endpoint (many reasons); - we use Windows Doployment Services; - on fresh imagined endpoint, applying GPO and get ESET agent installed; - device name after reinstall is the same because it based on asset number; - and we have two identical endpoints in ESMC, one is outdated... for manual deletion Is there any mechanism who can merge these both entries? because historical data about threat can help better understand what is really going on this endpoint in long term.
  2. We use ESMC and EES for endpoints. After reinstall endpoint (win7) OS in ESMC we have two accounts. Nothing special for ESET for some years... Before ESMC in ERA there was option remove and it works, for ESMC there was three options. Q1: what option You suggest for delete old dublicate endpoint? Q2: for ESET devs - is there any future vision about how to avoid duplicate endpoint registrations in ESMC?
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