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  1. @MartinKabout duplicates. for us it's standard procedure: - IT technician take a decision reinstall workstation/endpoint (many reasons); - we use Windows Doployment Services; - on fresh imagined endpoint, applying GPO and get ESET agent installed; - device name after reinstall is the same because it based on asset number; - and we have two identical endpoints in ESMC, one is outdated... for manual deletion Is there any mechanism who can merge these both entries? because historical data about threat can help better understand what is really going on this endpoint in long term.
  2. We use ESMC and EES for endpoints. After reinstall endpoint (win7) OS in ESMC we have two accounts. Nothing special for ESET for some years... Before ESMC in ERA there was option remove and it works, for ESMC there was three options. Q1: what option You suggest for delete old dublicate endpoint? Q2: for ESET devs - is there any future vision about how to avoid duplicate endpoint registrations in ESMC?
  3. Thank You, for explanation. How about ACCESS GROUP, what it is, how to use? Not so intuitive as expected...
  4. After remove (click on recyclebin icon) "access group filter" I can see/modify my custom (possible else too) policies. Looks good so fare. But to understand all this correct I add following example and Q: My custom policy (EES for win) is assigned to static group 'workstations', see in pict. This is without "Access Group" settings. If in "Access group" I choose the same static group 'workstations' then again both policies (custom and buil-in) lists are empty. How work and for what purposes is "Access group" in this UI? Link on KB or simple explain will be enough . p.s. and @MichalJ what is "ivanka" ? Is this some mark/name for unknown object?
  5. After successfully upgrade from ERA v6.5 to ESMC v7 and then with ESMC advantage upgrade all agents from 6.5 to 7.0.5xx. All keep working good. BUT, I lost possibility to manage my previous policies, they just disappear. I can see name of policy in ESMC -> individual computer -> configuration -> Applied Policies. When I try "Show Details" I get blank settings with "No policy selected". When I open ESMC -> Policies I got blank page too, without any policies. What I don't understand or missing?
  6. Thanks @Gonzalo Alvarez and @MartinK Problem solved - create local storage for .msi and create two (32/64bit) dynamic groups and two different client tasks. I have feeling than eset public servers (who deploy installers) has a lag(s) or inaccessibility some times. But this is just a guess.
  7. Unable to complete install client task - "Failed to run task: The referenced repository package is not available" on some devices sometimes. Additional, why I don't use "Install by direct package URL" with LAN source file? Because then I need to control client OS bit-s. When "Install package from repository" I don't care about what client OS bit has. Suggested feature is to create it easy. For example additional option "install from LAN" where browse for LAN folder (not exactly msi file). In this folder I may place both msi (32 and 64 bit) and dont waste my attention on clients OS bits.
  8. I want UP this topic. For now (hope until v7), it's NOT possible to complete secure firewall of our domain workstations with ERAS. The ONLY option is to trust ESET "Automatic/Learning mode". But this is not enough for our security administrators... How other administrators deal with this? Is it really - Learning/Automatic mode and "head in the sand"? p.s. Some told - if solution not solve the problem, then search for other solutions... Is this mean - change ESET?
  9. My RAS infrastructure system is not fully automatic. In reality it's more based like 80/20 or 90/10 rule. Anyway. After my interference with manually starting clients tasks, I got following situation. On client computer all (it mean agent and EES) is updated and ok, but task list keep showing last status "running". How to reset/hide this status? Following screenshot for clear understand: status.html from client P.s. One of solution is delete this task from client -> task execution list, but then it delete client task and need re-create it, that is not a nice/easy solution.
  10. @MartinK info: re-run client task give the same error. info: client disk space is not a issue. Solution for me: I create new client task -> install by direct package url and point it to NAS share. like "file://\\192.168.x.x\deploy\Eset\6.6.2046.0\ees_nt32_enu.msi" and it successful install. question: how to reset/clear cache of http proxy, to get right file?
  11. Hello, I want update EES from 6.5.2107.1 to 6.6.2046.0. steps:- create Dynamic group 'EES <> 6.6.2046.0' with wrong template (example, mobile phone, because I don't have any mobile in my RAS); - create Dynamic group template 'EES <> 6.6.2046.0' ( RULES: Installed software . Application name = (equal) ESET Endpoint Security AND Installed software . Application version ≠ (not equal) 6.6.2046.0) - create Client task "install EES 6.6.2046.0" and add execution on Dynamic group 'EES <> 6.6.2046.0' ; - edit Dynamic group 'EES <> 6.6.2046.0' and change template from wrong "mobile phone" to correct 'EES <> 6.6.2046.0' And then wait. For now I got 51 successfully and 90 not updated workstations. In both groups are 32/64bit and win7/win8.1 OS. In ERAS - progress for failed workstations is "Repository package checksum verification failed". Last-error.html from failed workstation (change two places with xxxxxx, because i dont know is this sensitive or not) CSystemConnectorModule 2017-Aug-29 07:23:17 Repository: Downloading repository package 'hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/ees/windows/v6/6.6.2046.0/ees_nt32_enu.msi' CSystemConnectorModule 2017-Aug-29 07:23:27 Repository: Successfully downloaded repository package 'hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/ees/windows/v6/6.6.2046.0/ees_nt32_enu.msi' to 'c:\Temp\aa35-6dc8-c1a9-f38c\ees_nt32_enu.msi' CSystemConnectorModule 2017-Aug-29 07:23:27 Repository: Verifying integrity of downloaded repository package 'hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/ees/windows/v6/6.6.2046.0/ees_nt32_enu.msi' CSystemConnectorModule 2017-Aug-29 07:23:29 Repository: Downloaded repository package verification failed (computed: 8123a07a1a9afed05f4ab05c34deb1ef91xxxxxx, expected: 6f5cd06821c05b35dfdd8794d79eb20105xxxxxx) CSystemConnectorModule 2017-Aug-29 07:23:29 Software installation failed: Package is corrupted or incomplete Additional: - RAS is on win7 64bit workstation. - based on my previous steps RAS has got EES update too , and then do restart to complete update. Maybe this restart and ees update trouble all my client task (there is not any blocked FW connections). How to solve this? What else information You may help? How You update Your EES and what is Your percent of success (without any manual interference)?
  12. Thank You for explain. Hope ESET have possibilities to implement it sooner ;-)
  13. I have situation who depress me. Maybe someone can help. I try create firewall rule for allowing ping/icmp. Example: There is two rules: - first. working like except. created from LOG. Additional, it work also if I remove application 'System' for full visual similarity; - second. don't work, created manually. BTW You can ignore column Enabled in bottom screen shot. I change it for testing purposes. Follow i copy screen shots from both rules: First: Second:
  14. Hi, in deployment process personal firewall learning mode is great, but it can't give possible to add addition static rules. Because when some policy define Rules, they lock-down and learning mode failed to create new "learned rules". trivial example - pc (with complex sofware/network situation) need "learning mode" and without disturb end user, but for admin need that pc can respond to ping. If i create policy who allow icmp, then learning mode is like read-only for creating new rules. Maybe I miss something?
  15. This need stick on every search for "agent upgrade" with ERA. Because it's is client task and do all automatically with dynamic groups. It is critical to understand this, reading other information is time-waste.
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