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Create Rescue USB

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Thanks for the answer

But i only Can get the installation file from the link above. Not a msi file.

Unless the installation file IS the msi file??

If not Can anyone send a link to the exact msi file?

Thanks in advance

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If you want to create a rescue CD with ESET SysRescue Live then you have to download an EXE file. This is the "creator" for the ESET SysRescue disk. It is simple to use and you just have to go step by step in it.

More in my post above.


If you want to created ESET SysRescue (without "Live" in the name) then you should follow this instructions. At "creating a (...) disk", point 1 you have to download the MSI file.

MSI files are install packages from Windows Installer. You have to download this MSI file because it's later used for the creation of the Rescue Disk and you should not install it if you already have an ESET product installed.

If you would have a 32bit system you don't have to download the MSI file, because a 32bit installation (file) is needed and in a 32bit system it's of course present.


And this is all. Now you can go on with the creation of your rescue disk. Just follow the kb article.

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