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Email marked not spam errors and disappears in Outlook 2007

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Fairly recently orders that are sent from my website are appearing in the Junk E-mail folder in Outlook 2007. I open the folder, rt click the message and choose to classify it as not spam. It's confusing because the subject has ***SPAM***pre-pended to the Subject, something that I set in ESS, though the message is not in the ESSET Antispam folder. An error then briefly pops-up that the sender is already in the safe sender list. OK, I think. Now the message is not found anywhere. Ideas?

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Ever heard of Email Looping ?



I hope this is not your case, but usually Outlook will lock up, or freeze etc when you enter one of these.


I would suggest clearing out your rules and starting fresh.

Disabling spam catch from Eset and rename your spam touched email from rules to something more identifiable.

Delete your eset created folders and then start fresh with a new folder. Then turn eset spam back on.


In your email account settings i would check to make sure delete from server is not checked in your email settings.


The starting point to find your email might be to login to your webmail or online web app to access your emails and find your email message.

If you no longer see it online, i would contact your mail provider to search on the exchange srvr for mail retrieval.

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No, I have never heard of Email looping. I've experienced a message stuck in the send box, but that's easily fixed and usually of my own doing!

Because these emails have what could be considered 'sensitive' customer info, I use POP3 over SSL, downloading all messages so they are not stored on the server.


I use Outlook 2007 without an Exchange server. I'm one of the many small businesses for whome Exchange Server is expensive overkill.


I keep the pst file well within the size constraints, but it is probably time to trim rules, etc.

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