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Anti-Phishing protection android 6

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On 12/25/2016 at 6:49 AM, Marcos said:

I presume it should work with EMS 3.5, currently available as a beta from Google Play.

EDIT  to  Below: I was told to Reinstall the App BUT the Extra "Permissions" that ESET Anti-Phishing wants still nets "Settings Has Stopped" (wasn't the entire App that stopped).

CHROME shows Unprotected as I Chk'd "Disregard the Permission request".

No clue If Chrome is Protected IF this Anti-Phishing Extra Permission request works in someone's App/Phone.


I've got Eset Mobile Security  ( no beta noted) via Google Play and just sent a Sppt Tkt in.

Per an App Notification Request to Allow Anti-Phish Access of Required Data on my phone (AT&T Samsung Note 5) I followed all steps BUT got a note that "the Universal Switch does Not support Current System Language and that Text-to-Speech will be set to English, which may cause unexpected behavior.

When I Clk "Allow" (permission) the App says "Settings Has STOPPED".

When I Clk Settings it Loads forever (seen on Text-to-Speech Settings page) and does nothing.

Although THIS is NOT about Chrome, IF you get a similar Notification Request from ESET, pls post here as to what happens. I'll post IF I get a solution from Support.

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I am continually asked to enable anti-phishing which I do every time. When I say Allow the Accessibility page displays and says EMS is on but only when I switch off and on on this page does the this amber anti phishing warning disappear. My phone was recently upgraded to Marshmallow.

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I have EMS on a Samsung Galaxy S5 (Sprint network) which I often put in Ultra power saving mode. Every time I come out of power saving, EMS notes that I can improve functionality by reviewing important device settings. When I do this, it takes me to Accessibility, with the last one being Services, ESET Mobile Security which is off. I turn is on and have to authorize EMS to monitor actions and retrieve window contents. After that EMS is happy until I come out of ultra power saving and it has to be done again.

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