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  1. Mihlfeld, I would love to help resolve this for you. In order to do that, I need to know precisely what ESET software and version you have installed on this server as well as the version of OS it is running. You are welcome to reply to this forum or to send me a direct message with this information. That will help me understand the modules that you have installed and help determine the best solution for you.
  2. Winstonsmith84, I couldnt agree more that the settings aren't passing over due to creation issues. I also agree that the connection needs to be looked at. I would recommend deleting all the current installation tasks and restarting the Eset Remote Administrator service in your services snap-in (Start>Run>Services.msc) and then reconnect and attempt a push again. If this fails for the installation opver the network issue, I am going to send tyou contact info to reach our business support team so we can assist.
  3. Hello grant7072, Error 1603 means "Fatal error during installation." and can be determined by using (froma command prompt) : net helpmsg #ERRORCODE# (for example, net helpmsg 1603). What this means is that there is a failure during the installation portion. You have already successfully made it into the machine and started the installation process before it is failing. This falls under one of three categories. 1. If the unit is a windows Vista or later, the service called Base Filtering Engine might be damaged or missing. Check this with the follow kb article: hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN2861 2. There is a conflicting software on the system that has a driver or service running. I would look deeply into the running services and see if there are any left from a previous malware and use the uninstaller from the manufacturer linked directoly for that product. If we are installed partially, we will see our half installation as a problem. We have a list of the major players in this field: hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN146 IF THESE DO NOT SOLVE THE ISSUE: 3. The third option is a bit more vague. This can be related to a number of other issues. The best way to determine what the actual error is is to download the software from the website and install it locally. There may be something wrong with the msiexec.exe, for example. Or there could be registry permission issues. Running locally will give you an error window for feedback. Please reply if this is the case with the error information and I will assist to resolve it.
  4. Hello Justin, I noticed in the initial message that you have firewall module 1136. This became a public release only 10 minutes prior to my writing this message. From this, it can be determined that you are using (and have installed) a pre-release update. Please go into your advanced settings, select the update section on the left and change your updates to regular updates on the right. Pleaseclick OK and run a Virus definition update. This will put you into the tested and confirmed functional modules of ESET (Not pre-release or Beta). Please restart the machine to properly load the new modules and monitor it for a day or so and let me know if it begins to record data again or not.
  5. DMVeron, I appologize that the answers given have not been thorough or detailed (ending in or useful). Is there a phone # I can reach you at directly to resolve this with you and explain in better detail that you could direct send to me via a Tell? The short answer is that I am now working with our Knowledgebase team to write this article, but have an understanding that I can give to you directly. The authentication occurs in two places for two different action. One action is to authenticate for updating to the Remote Administrator for the purpose of checkin in (1). The second is for authenticating to the Mirror server inside the Remote Adminsitrator to get the updates (2). (1) server side is input into Tools>Server Options>Password for clients. The user side is put into the policy under version>Kernel>>Settings>Remote Administrator>Primary Server Passsword. (2) server side input into Tools>Server Options>Advanced and then the advanced settings button on that tab. Once in the policy editor, drill down to Remopte Administrator>ERA Server>Settings>Mirror>Username and Password fields.The user side is put into the policy under version>Update>Profile>Settings>Username and Password fields. Once those credentials match and the client machine logs in and gets the update, then the authenctication can take place. I recommend setting the password in the policy FIRST so that the clients get that data and THEN change the ERA so that it wills tart asking for that password. Otherwise, if you change the authenticaiton onm the server first the clients wont be able to log in and get the policy changes. Please feel free to reach out to me through direct messaging or calling the support lines if this is not explicit enough. Patrick
  6. Absolutely! If you open the policy that applies to the client you are concerned about, you can expand out Mobile Devices>Endpoint Security for Android>Update>Settings and key in the username and password that is relevant. This will apply to all the clients that report to this policy and are using the mobile security for android. If you prefer to push it to a single client, on the list of clients in the Eset Remote Administrator right click on the client that we are discussing. Select New Task>Configuration. On the screen that opens, click on create and edit the same fields listed above and save out and next through until you see finish. Once you click finish, that task will sit in wait until the client phone connects to Eset Remote Administrator and grabs it. Then the information will be applied. This process was written assuming you are using version 5 of the Remote Administrator software. If you are using a previous version, you will need to upgrade to the newest. Link with steps listed below: hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN2439 Let me know if I can help further! Patrick
  7. Claudio - I would love to assist. Can you please send me a copy of your esets.cfg? Please feel free to PM me directly so I can assist. Patrick
  8. Megachip, The mobile version of Endpoint Security can only update from the internet. It will not allow updating from the Remote Administrator.
  9. Guest_York_*, I am eager to look at your esets.cfg file and begin looking into why your Real Time scanner is not starting or actioning correctly. Can you please PM me directly so I can get the files from you? Turnkey is a new linux for me to look into, but my research shows its based in Ubuntu so there shouldn't be much adjustment for me.
  10. What I did to recreate and resolve your concerns was to create two exceptions via the same dialgue you are now using. I went to a NUMBER of (in my testing, Canadian - II used .ca instead of .cn) sites and could not get any of them to load (since our software was blocking it). What I did was to crate two seperate entries - 1. *.cn 2. *.cn/*.* The first will block all domain entries without additional pages loading and the second will block any and all web pages within cn domains. This proved effective with my Canadian testing here.
  11. Gladly! The changes I made were to his XML file and reimported. He was failing because Exchange was marking the email as not needing to be scanned by antispam. The user will look into that, but I enabled scanning of securezone emails. That will allow the software to scan them anyway.
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