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  1. Hi, Marcos The policy0909 screen shot shows policy settings. The client-1 and client-2 screen shot show the client settings. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, Peter If I distribute a particular configuration to clients, and it connects to ERA periodically for new policies, does it mean it will have the policy settings anyway? If so, I am wondering why that policy setting was not shown on the client, while all the other settings are there.
  3. Hi, Peter What 's the difference between these two operations? I did assign the policy to the clients, but it looks like this web control setting was not on the clients.
  4. I did the policy settings, but the client did not work. I check the settings on client, the block list was empty.
  5. Thanks, Marcos The particular client works after it was configured as you instructed. Can I use RAC to configure all clients on the same server?
  6. Hi, What will happen if the web access protection was configured to block certain URLs, as shown in the screen shot? Thanks.
  7. Hi, Please see the attached screen shots. The 0903-1 shows the client does not have that "Web Control" enable option. 0903-2 shows the policy configuration. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I tried to set up web control in the policy manager on RAC, but it did not work on the client. On the client advanced setup, the web control is not showing under Web and email. System integration was enabled to Yes in policy manager. Console version: 5.0.511.0 Client: 5.0.2214.4 Please advice. Thanks.
  9. Hi, Marcos I don't have a domain server here. It is Novell network, not MS. Is it still possible to do the push install to the clients, so that the clients upgrade from 4.2.xx to 5.0.xx? Thanks.
  10. And the remote host login setting was administrator account too. Thanks for your quick reply.
  11. Yes. ERA server service is running in an administrator privilege account. I did successfully remote installed the client on one Windows 7, under ESET customer service help. But that was the only one for now.
  12. I receive the following error message when remote install 5.0 client on Windows 7. The installation package worked well on XPs. Suggestions please.
  13. Is PCU method designed for ver 5.0 or after?
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