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    JozefG received kudos from camelia in Network protection Fix notifications   
    Do I understand it correctly that if Shadow Defender's Shadow Mode is not active it does work correctly?
    From the description of Shadow Mode it looks like it may prevent some things to be done correctly.
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    JozefG received kudos from Peter Randziak in ESET disappeared from PC   
    They were some things that it should recognize, but due to some other things missing it failed to detect them.
    Glad to hear that either way your logs helped us identify some places to improve in Uninstaller.
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    JozefG received kudos from Peter Randziak in ESET 14.0.22 - Tardy Notification - Firewall & Network Protection - Win 10 Security Alert   
    @davidovitch Note that Windows Security Center service is delayed start service. Until it starts we cannot report anything as there would be bunch of errors.
    Can you please share screenshot of such alert?
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    JozefG gave kudos to itman in EIS Desktop Notification   
    If you actually removed Windows/Microsoft Security Center, that is the reason for the alert. It is a critical component of the Win 10 OS and needs to be installed and be functional. It not only controls Windows/Microsoft Defender and firewall use or non-use when a third party anti-virus solution is installed, but many other critical internal security components such as ; Win account, app & brower (exploit), and device security protection. It also monitors device performance and health status.
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    JozefG received kudos from Peter Randziak in No active antivirus provider   
    @FRiC according to the log we tried to update status for AV provider and we got this HRESULT 0x8000000a(E_PENDING).
    For us this means our request was queued by wscsvc and it will be handled.
    Firewall updates are working correctly.
    However in your case it looks like wscsvc has some issue with too many requests or something.
    IIRC this E_PENDING is usually seen around wscsvc start.
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    JozefG received kudos from taquionbcn in ESET Internet Security: ESET Firewall status update in Windows Security Center failed   
    @taquionbcn can you please check if parent registry key Av and Fw have correct permissions? Can you also try to enable inheritance?
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